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How Digital Matchmaking Affects Mental Health and Behavior of Millenials

If going online to search for prospective partners was once an option for a minority of individuals, there has been a seachange in recent years. More and more singles are opting for the convenience of the digital environment, with dating sites and apps now commanding memberships running into tens of millions across the globe. This is especially the case for the younger generation. With so many single Millennials now reliant on this platform, it would be worthwhile considering how this is affecting their mental health. Are you a young person whose default answer to the question, 'where can I arrange a hookup near me?' is always 'by going online'? Here's what you need to know about how this is likely to impact your mental well-being.

Avoiding a negative experience

Have you come across TV shows referring to ‘catfish’? Perhaps the thought of encountering people operating behind a fake profile weighs heavily. The victims featured in these films invariably display characteristics such as low self-esteem, and if these feelings aren’t nipped in the bud they can become more troublesome mental health issues. First of all, the overwhelming majority of Millennials drawn to digital matching outlets do so for the right reasons. Catfish only get TV programmes made about them because they are the exception rather than the rule. Websites and apps go to great lengths to weed out antisocial behaviour, with validation processes aimed at deterring fake email addresses. Anyone joining a dating resource immediately takes charge of how their journey will unfold. If you feel uncomfortable about any of the other singles you end up interacting with, you are free to block them, or in more extreme circumstances, report them to site administration. Every aspect of digital matchmaking is set up to guarantee the integrity and safety of those signing up to become members.

Balancing your online activity

Many people joining dating outlets are overwhelmed by how exciting the experience can become. With so many charming individuals waiting to be contacted, the initial impression can be akin to being locked up in a proverbial candy store! The key to maintaining mental stability is managing a healthy balance between the time you spend online, and your general leisure activities. So, rather than signing into your dating account at every opportunity, adopt a more rational approach, rationing the occasions you tap into your dating account each day. Not only will this build a sense of anticipation, but it will also ensure you allow yourself breathing space to indulge in socializing elsewhere.

Take advantage of online support

Dating websites have evolved to become so much more than places where singles can search for prospective partners. They have become online hubs where kindred spirits can feel free to interact with people sharing their aspirations. This has been particularly welcomed by minority communities, whether that refers to LGBT, disabled, ethnic minorities or any other demographic. Within these websites, there are liable to be blogs which are updated regularly, where individuals can glean information on many different aspects of love and romance. For instance, for anyone who might be bicurious or a younger LGBT person unsure about the road ahead and seeking advice about coming out, there will always be experienced hands ready to impart valuable guidance.

Building confidence

Online communication is designed to be seamless. Once you get into the flow of exchanging regular messages with other site users, you will find your confidence spiralling. This will give you the courage to be more forward when you are discussing dating plans. Steered by this growing optimism, you will find your self-esteem blooming.

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