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Falling in Love in the Fall of Your Life

By Carol Denker

By November of 2006, I'd been married three times and single for almost a decade. I was 62 years old - and so happily ensconced in a new career as editor of the local newspaper that a friend had to urge me several times to join a particular dating service.

It was only one week later that a tiny photo - kind eyes, brave smile - twinkled at me and asked if I'd like to IM. I'd never instant messaged, and I'd never met anyone like Warren. He was 61, with his own rocky past, and his shining spirit was the one I'd been looking for always.

It soon seemed the most natural thing in the world for him to travel from Denver to Philadelphia so we could meet in person. One week before he was due in, though, I startled awake. Where were my slim arms, my narrow waist, my perfect complexion? Gone, and instead, I had looser skin than I remembered and lines across my forehead.

How do I present this 60-year old body when I feel so 16?

I was facing the feeling that the media has instilled and society has accepted: it's only young love that is beautiful, only young bodies that are desirable...

It was a revelation when our relationship turned out to be the most romantic I've ever known. The paradox got my head spinning ... and my brain understanding: Romantic love is timeless.

Being a writer, I got interested in exploring this phenomenon. Talking to couples, I got really excited. The paths that had led them to each other were so human. Wrinkles mattered little, spirits mattered a lot. And love had promoted healing and growth, as old as 85. I felt privileged to hear these moving and delightful stories. I wanted to share them in a book! So, a book is being built: "Autumn Romance: Great Love Stories Over 50."

Share Your Story
Read more about the book here: Autumn Romance. To complete it, we're looking for more couples! Age (over 50) and love are the ONLY criteria. The author will happily travel within the USA to meet you and just as happily answer any initial questions by Email or by Phone at home: (215) 425-9226 or cell: (267) 210-3101.

All calls and emails are confidential. Please contact me if you think you'd like to be part of this exciting project - or if you know of someone you think would be perfect for this book. The more I do this, the more I see: Love in the second half of life can be truly transformative. These stories will be out there soon, to inspire others.

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