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Dating Success: 4 Ways to Improve Our
Chances of Making it to the Second Date

Dating can be a hit-or-miss affair. Someone either takes to us or they don’t. However, first impressions do not only rely upon not making a fool of ourselves, by saying the wrong thing straight away, but on other factors such as appearance and the smell that we give off. Perfumes and colognes are very nice but they do not quite have the same impact that branded pheromones might.

In this blog, we shall consider pheromone perfume, as well as other ways we can think about that will improve our chances of making the right first impression during our date. That way, we might make it to the second date, and then get to meet the parents too.


A tried and tested method for some is to only apply perfumes on a date that are known as pheromones. That is colognes for the man or perfumes for the female, although the two are interchangeable in pheromone terms.

A pheromone perfume is defined as one where either animal or plant pheromones are used as the main ingredients in the development of the perfume. Many perfumes will make sure that human pheromones will exist so that they can provide that attraction to the opposite gender within your air space.

Perfumes and colognes that contain pheromones, or indeed their synthetic alternatives, can be from a variety of animals. These will include musk deer, beaver, civet cat, and pig.

It is a contentious issue as to whether pheromones have any effect, but ultimately it is about what works for you as an individual who wants to achieve dating success and find that perfect partner, rather than put them off or fail to attract them at all.


How we look for a date should be about where we meet more than anything else. To get that wrong can be so embarrassing that it never warrants forgiveness. Nobody likes to be shown up in that top-class restaurant that was booked. We have to make that assessment about how casual to go. Somehow it is easier for the female should they dress up more than necessary. It can be just seen as making an effort. Whereas, if a man goes too formal or the opposite, it can look very out of place.

Always bear in mind dress codes for the venue when meeting someone. That, in a way, decides for us how we should dress.

Try to avoid over-dressing to impress. Know when to stop.

Another pointer, should you make it to the second date, is to not dress the same for two dates in a row. It not only shows a limited wardrobe but also a bad memory, and worse still, a complete lack of imagination. Nobody wants to reveal a lack of wealth as their reason for dating.


Choose what you order wisely. Try to steer away from foods that might provide difficult to eat in polite company. An example might be spaghetti, even if Spaghetti Bolognese is your preference.

With food, it might be best to avoid those that are going to smell strongly on your breath. Anything with garlic or curry-based, for example. Just for the first date, perhaps. Also, it might depend on what the other person is ordering. You might want to appear to like the same things. Make sure that you order the same because you do like the food, though, or that could prove embarrassing when you are leaving most of it, or worse.

The Perfect Gentleman

This is a tip for the male dater. We should consider that many women are still traditionalists and are looking for a knight from a fairy tale. This means that a man should not ignore holding doors open and taking care of his date to see that they are sitting down comfortably. It does not take much to be the perfect gentleman and you will soon find out if it is not wanted. Mostly, it is.

It is good to know that there are only four things to consider when dating. There are, of course, more, but that is beyond the scope of this article. Something easy to do, though, is to seek out pheromone perfumes and colognes and give them a try.

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