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Why Dating Is So Important for
Personal Development

dating personal development

By Oleg Kobets

Needless to say that people are social creatures. There are plenty of levels and segments of our social life. Each of them has its own impact on our lives. Probably, the most interesting and intriguing part of our social life is dating. It is always related to positive and negative experience, successful cases and failures, new attempts and new approaches.

So, why dating is crucial for personal development?

Communication experience

Obviously, our self-development starts at an early age. We interact with parents, our friends, classmates and guys from a school team. Of course, when you first entered the classroom or when you met your sports team it was a new experience and could be a little bit stressful. But over time it turns into a routine. You meet them almost every day, talk with them about the same things.

What happens when you go on your first date? You are out of your comfort zone and you get new sensations. Also, you don’t have a pre-made behavioral pattern for this. You have to improvise, invent, get ideas out of yourself, take initiative.

Furthermore, we begin to discover new facets, new qualities. For example, love, care, tenderness, desire to protect, etc. Next, you date in college, then when you have your first job and later. New dates mean new people and new experience. All of this makes an invaluable contribution to our development.

Victories and Self-confidence

Guys, remember your feelings when you ask a girl out and she says “Yes”. Or dear girls, remember when you said “I want a boyfriend” and the guy you liked asked you for a date. Do you remember that feeling “I want a boyfriend”? Try to remember how you then analyzed this situation. On some level, probably, we thought “Wow, I’m good,” “I'm the champ” or “I still got it”. It’s quite important since our small and big victories in any field give us our motivation to continue developing. And vice versa, our failures make us think what we did wrong.

Also, it’s not a secret that love and dating success is a huge thing for guys. It's even hard to tell how important it is for a guy. Most likely it happened historically or biologically but a man who is successful with women is a real man in the public mind.

Probably, it works to some extent for women, but not on such a scale. So, dating gives us not only a precious experience for self-development but also a motivation for further improvement.

Modern Dating & Online Dating

Nowadays, frequently we hear that people are too busy to date due to career, hobby etc. In fact, it sounds more like an excuse. Indeed, we live in busy years. We spend plenty of time to get to a job, work hard and then return from a job. Also, we are afraid to just waste our time on a bad date.

But the solution for modern dating is well known. It’s an online dating. Of course, like in any business there are cons and pros, good and bad sites or site members. Just like on a real date! If we check the Google’s online dating interests, we can see that the trend is pretty constant.

dating online development

If you are too busy - digital dating is a good solution. Why? First of all, it saves your time. You can communicate with people using your laptop or smartphone. Also, you get to know the person before going on a real date. So you immediately weed out the bad options.

Second of all, it saves your money. Regular membership on a dating site starts from $10 per month (ex. eHarmony). Now try to remember, how much do you spend on 1 date?

So, all you need to do is to pick the Best Online Dating Site (or even several sites) and go for a date! Thus, lack of time is no longer an excuse.

International dating

We live in a global world. And we have to admit it becomes more and more comfortable. The distance and traveling is no longer a problem. Did you know that in 1830s it took people 2 weeks to get from New York to Illinois? 336 hours! Now it’s like 2,5 hours’ flight.

It facilitates our international communication experience. So, why an international dating is a good idea? First of all, you dive into a new culture, you learn their traditions and philosophy. You have a great chance to get something completely new for yourself. It’s something you wouldn’t be able to get in your country.

Second of all, it’s one of the best motivations to learn foreign languages. For example, you like everything about France: country, language, French men / women. You just pick one of the European Dating Sites, find a man / woman you like and here you go! You’re motivated. Same thing is with Asian languages. Pick the best Asian Dating Site and start learning!

Dating at different ages

Dating and building relationships has different impact at different ages. It’s not even about the amount of changes. It’s more about reasons why we need to date at any age.

For example, at school kids learn something new. They get this important experience for self-development. So, let’s call it educational side of dating. Dating in secondary school or college is the necessary physical function for the young people that grow up.

The most important reason to date within 25 and 40 is obviously to create a family. Long-term relationship is also a part of self-development. Therefore, dating in these ages will be quite different and hence will have a different impact.

If you have a family and kids, it doesn’t mean you are done with dating. Keep going out with your wife / husband. The difficulty here is that you have to make it differently from time to time. Here is where you have to turn on your personal improvement to max.

Sometimes it happens that people are single in golden years. There can be different reasons. And we have to admit, it’s not a good situation to be alone over 50. At this age dating wakes up and cheers up people. In fact, there are even special Senior Dating Sites that help people over 50 find a date.

So, as we can see, dating has various important functions and a great impact. Not only it helps to find our soulmate, but it helps us to learn, grow, develop and share. Keep dating and improve yourself!

Oleg Kobets: Experienced Content Manager and Co-Founder of Best Dating Sites platform.
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