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A Quick Dating Guide for Introverts

Love and loneliness are the two sides of the same coin. In this era of globalization, when the world is at your fingertips, man is becoming lonelier. Despite having thousands of virtual friends, the absence of that one soul mate makes life quite insipid. In the rat race of scoring a partner, the introverts are at a greater loss than their extrovert counterparts are. You can get some of the best dating sites for introverts.

Dating Tips for Introverts that Work

It is no secret that introverts have difficulty to mingle up with practical strangers, which is the main reason that the dating world is a bit scary for them. However, with these simple and quirky tips, the dating arena for introverts would be a piece of a cakewalk.

  1. Small Talk
    Facing the worst fear head-on is probably the best idea. Small talk to introverts is like kryptonite to superman. However, engaging in small talks with potential dates creates a better foundation for future meaningful conversations.
  2. Being Imperfect
    First dates tend to be fumble for almost all of us humans. The trick is not to get sulk on a date that fumbled and better to move on to new avenues.
  3. Comfort
    The comfort zone is like the Bible to introverts. The best way to bring your comfort zone with yourself is to wear comfortable clothes. This way introverts would open up a bit more easily.
  4. Writing over Talking
    Introverts have a better way with written words than with spoken ones. Therefore, it might be a good idea to have multitudes of online conversations with the potential date before actually meeting them. This process can be a great icebreaker.
  5. Back-Up Plan
    No one can guarantee a smooth sailing first date. There is always a possibility that it might turn out to be a nightmare. Therefore, it is always the best to have a backup or escape plan in case the date takes a turn for worse.
  6. Ditch the spotlight
    If you are introvert, it is not necessary to focus the spotlight on yourself. You can ditch the spotlight factor. Search for a small group that picks your interest rather than being the life of the party and starts up a light conversation before delving into deeper meaningful subjects.
  7. Common Interests
    Since it is practically impossible for introverts to have a small talk, it is better to start with some topic that interests both the parties. This would thaw the frigidness in the conversation without involving in overbearing small talk.
  8. No overthinking
    Replaying events of conversation is a trend amongst introverts. This habit, when done in moderation, is a good one since it helps to revive the moment. However, overthinking about it might create issues on future conversations with your date.

When it is your first date or nth date, you must not project yourself as someone who is not yourself. Being comfortable in your skin is the best way to win your date over.

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