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Are You Dating a Sigma Male? Here Is How to Know

Our society runs on different hierarchy structures. And we, as a part of the same society, believe in those structures to be our constitution. But still, some people choose to live life outside the typical hierarchical structures. And such men are called Sigma males. Superficially, Sigma males have many common factors like alpha males. But they tend to walk outside the lines of traditional hierarchies. And that is what sets them apart from the rest and makes them different.

The concept of socio-sexual hierarchy teaches us many attributes that men and boys should have. Those hierarchies include images of how they are, how they behave, and what their inclinations should be.

But How Does a Sigma Male Look Like?

The concept of Sigma male is highly debated. But as it defines, a Sigma male is the one who likes to go his own way and the one who lives life alone like a wolf. Therefore, walking away from the dominance of hierarchies is synonymous with Sigma male.

If the standard male attributes are aggressive, outgoing, and sociable, a Sigma male is introverted and violates the outline of men drawn by the mainstream society.

A Sigma personality is strong, capable of taking care of themselves, and self-sufficient. And Sigma males are independent without trying to be so. They might have very few friends, but for them, companionships and relationships are not necessities.

But How to Know if You Are Dating a Sigma Male?

Sigma males don't look like unicorns. Thus, it's pretty tricky to understand if you are dating one at the initial stage of your relationship. But suppose you are dating a guy for an extended period. In that case, you will witness how they manage their relationship with you in certain situations.

A Sigma male personality appears a bit like the alpha males, but they don't like to communicate much. But not necessarily your partner is a Sigma male if he wants to speak less. It appears to be a little mysterious, isn't it?

Then what are the signs that you are dating a Sigma male? We have listed 4 shared attributes of a Sigma male, and you must know about them.

They Don't Like to Socialize

If your partner does not like to socialize much or hates huge crowds, it's pretty evident that you are dating a Sigma male. The personality trait of a Sigma male is to do things alone, and they don't have good social skills. If you find your partner choosing a corner to sit and spend time alone, your partner might be a Sigma male. And they hate social gatherings and parties.

If you are dating a Sigma male, you will notice that mostly it's you who initiates conversation or small talks first. That is because Sigma males find it boring and don't see any point in trying to fit in the society or impress others. If your guy does not respond to your emails or text messages, you are definitely dating a Sigma male as they don't hover on their phones or computers.

They Hate Following Orders

If you think that every relationship must have specific rules, that does not work if your partner is a Sigma male. You cannot expect your Sigma male partner to constantly take your orders. Sometimes, they can even be unresponsive to your authoritative behavior. The reason is Sigma male personalities like to be their own boss. And they ignore instructions and do whatever they feel is right.

If you are dating a Sigma male, you will notice that they are motivated to work alone and learn from their own mistakes. They have their own ambitions and goals, and they don't depend upon anyone else's opinion.

They Ignore Long Speeches

If your partner carries his earpieces everywhere and puts those on during lengthy speeches, don't doubt the fact that you are dating a Sigma male. During a conversation with them, if your partner prefers short answers without hesitation, it's because Sigma males don't like to complicate things with lengthy explanations.

It can be challenging to communicate with a Sigma male as they prefer dropping artful hints instead of directly communicating.

They Are Self-Reliant

We can tell this 100 times that Sigma males are comfortable with their solitude. They are independent and self-reliant. If you are in a relationship with a Sigma male, you can notice that he likes doing things his way, or he has his own set lifestyle, which he doesn't want to change even after you are in a relationship.

Sigma males are not dependent upon their partners, and they are not too clingy. Whenever they face problems, they prefer solving them on their own. Simply Sigma males love to take care of themselves.

These are telltale signs that you are dating a Sigma male. But remember, a Sigma male can love you intensely and handle your relationship with care and loyalty. If you are dating a Sigma male, don't gatecrash their own space because that's their individuality. If you want to know more about Sigma males visit

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