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Cremation vs. Burial: Discussing the Pros of Both Options

One of the sad facts of life is that one day we will all pass away. It is a truth that many do not want to accept until they are faced with their own mortality, or they experience the death of somebody close to them. While it may be difficult, it is wise to know how you would like them to be laid to rest.

Although funeral practices differ across cultures, burial and cremation are two of the most popular. Both of these practices intend to give the deceased an honorable sendoff. However, the processes are very different from each other. We will discuss some of the advantages that each one has over the other.

The Pros of Burial at Funeral Services

1. It Is a Social Occasion

The burial process normally brings together many people who may not meet each other very much while having a relationship with the deceased. Coming together with the shared goal of saying farewell to an individual you love creates a strong bond between people and communities.

The more influential an individual was, the more people will unite to commemorate their death. This makes it easier for everybody to go through the grieving process because they have the support of other people. Those who go through it alone tend to suffer in silence, which may prolong their mourning period and can lead to them getting depressed.

2. Burial Follows Traditional Beliefs

Many cultures of life have a very respectful view of death. They do not see it as the end of a person’s life but rather a continuation of their spirits into the afterlife. Because of this, they take great care to preserve the deceased's body in the best way possible. A good example of this is the mummification process of the Ancient Egyptians. A lot of people are also buried with possessions they consider important to them, as well as tools they may need to use in order to pass safely into the realm of spirits.

This symbolic view of death as a metaphysical right of the passage makes burial the go-to choice for those who wish to be laid to rest according to the ways of their ancestors. At legacy cremation and funeral services, you will have the space to grieve following your traditional beliefs.

The Pros of Cremation

1. It Is a Personal Affair

Cremation tends to center itself more around the immediate acquaintances of the deceased. Because you are not putting the corpse of the individual underground, their remains are often kept by those closest to them. More distant relatives might be unable to visit them later as they would have a grave.

The cremation process allows for more intimacy when honoring the memory of the deceased because people are physically closer to their remains. Some build small shrines, while others carry their ashes in necklaces. These methods of storing the remains of a deceased individual help their loved ones maintain the bond they might have had together even after death.

2. It Is Practical

Some people might want a proper send-off for their loved ones but lack the funds or time to plan and perform more elaborate burial practices. For situations such as this, cremation is an ideal choice to follow through with. There is no need to buy or lease a burial ground in a cemetery, nor does the body need embalming. This is because the remains can be stored much more easily than a skeleton.

Cremation also takes less time overall for the process to be over. This means there is less planning to be done, and people do not need to draw out the mourning period more than necessary.

Say Goodbye in the Best Way With Legacy Cremation and Funeral Services

When all is said and done, burial and cremation have a lot of benefits if you are looking to bury a loved one or set your own affairs in order. Each method has its own way of preserving the deceased individual’s honor and maintaining their legacy. Cremation and funeral services are widely available but whatever you decide is best for you, do not wait until it is too late to plan the best and most efficient way to give your loved ones a proper goodbye.

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