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Creating Intimacy in Your Relationship

Intimacy is the feeling of being close. You and your partner must feel emotionally connected and supported. However, relationships face challenges, including the lack of intimacy. In this article, we’ll tackle ways to create intimacy in your relationship. Let’s dig in.

Build Trust

You should build constantly build trust with your partner. Even if you spend so much time together, breaking down your personal wall is difficult. However, be willing to be vulnerable to show them you trust them, and you’ll earn their trust in return. Discuss experiences and feelings you haven’t shared or reveal a fact about yourself that they don’t know.

Express Your Love

Your love language may be different from that of your partner. They may be vocal, and you’re not; they may show their love through small things like cooking and checking in on you throughout the day. Whatever your love languages are, don’t be scared to express them all the time. Show them off. Put energy and focus on expressing your love — don’t let life and adulthood take it away from you.

Shake Up Your Routine

Doing the same things over and over again becomes a habit, but intimacy comes when you go “off-script” — you generate something unexpected. Go on an unplanned vacation somewhere you haven’t been to, or make a change in your daily routine. Minor interruptions cultivate feelings of newness as if you’re discovering each other all over again. This way, you won’t need anything major to shake up your habits.

Improve Sexual Satisfaction

Couples have greater emotional and intimate connections when they’re sexually satisfied, research shows. Though sex doesn’t always equate to intimacy, exploring your partner’s desires and having yours reciprocated lead to better emotional connection even outside the bedroom. Annie’s Dollhouse and other shops offer products that can help you do this.

Listen Well

At times, being there and listening closely is enough. Be intentional; put down your phone, turn off the TV, and listen to what your partner is and isn’t saying. Ask them about how they feel. Encourage them to share their opinions, fears, and dreams. As important as making yourself vulnerable to them, allow them to be vulnerable with you by listening actively.

Give Daily Affirmations

Perhaps unintentionally, we sometimes take our partner’s positive attributes for granted. As such, you must make a habit of giving them specific compliments. Affirming their qualities boost their confidence while also reminding you of why they’re special to you. More importantly, it helps them know you have their back and that you know them. They won’t feel invisible.

What You Should Remember

As you try to build intimacy in your relationship, remember the following things:

  • It doesn’t happen in a flash. Intimacy is a quality that you must consistently cultivate. The more time you share feelings, explore each other’s emotions, and appreciate each other, the better you can build intimacy.
  • It isn’t always easy. Being vulnerable and truthful about your deepest desires, fears, and experiences can be overwhelming, not to mention frightening — especially if someone has violated your trust before. Accept this as a fact, but don’t back down.
  • It’s hampered by many things. The true test of intimacy inevitably comes in the form of problem-solving. These can be communication problems, misaligned priorities, trust issues, or other conflicts. As you strive to build intimacy, you must address these issues and find ways to resolve them — together.

Finally, know that building intimacy isn’t a one-off project; you must do it consistently. It’s a crucial building block of leading a happy and satisfying relationship with your partner.

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