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7 Tips to Create the Perfect Online Dating Profile

By Mark Beckett

If you have never taken part in online dating, creating an online dating profile may seem as a daunting task. Think of it as a way of introducing yourself to strangers that makes them want to learn more about you.

It’s hard to give a clear picture of our personalities and lives while answering a few questions on a page in a dating app. So, if you are about to get into this exciting online dating world, whether on a site like or another altogether, the primary question is, what can you do to better your chances of finding the right match?

The following are seven tips to create the perfect online dating profile to ensure you find your correct match.

1. Don’t leave any option blank

The majority of online dating apps have questions that need to be filled to give other users an overview of who you are and what you like. A common mistake individuals make while creating their profile is failing to take full advantage of the provided tools.

Therefore, if the app you are using provides an option of verifying your phone number, do it. Some apps also allow for linking with other social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. If the app also allows for up to 10 pictures, then upload all ten pictures.

Research support that the more information you put, the higher your chances of receiving feedback from other users. For example, adding a username and even a preferred name increases your chances by 20% while verifying your other social media profiles will almost double the feedback you have received previously. Collectively, both of these techniques significantly improve your profile.

2. Honesty is key

Naturally, you will be tempted to stretch out the truth a little bit to seem more appealing. You might even be tempted to paint a picture that does not reflect who you are, in essence, pretending to be someone you are not. If you are seeking an intimate worthwhile connection, honesty is critical, and people love it.

We all prefer when someone tells us the truth as opposed to when they lie to us, especially in heart matters. Honest is a common word used by people who are looking for romantic partners. For example, you do not have to love traveling because your match likes to travel, you also do not need to pretend to have a lavish life if you can’t afford it.

Be yourself and not the person that you think your match is interested in.

3. Have a variety of photos

The idea is to upload photos that best show your various personalities, but if all of these pictures are all selfies, you are doing it the wrong way. In addition to showing how you look, the pictures should create a notion of who you are. An ideal set of pictures is one with a clear head-shot, a full body picture, and then pictures of you doing things you love in various settings.

In as much as you love your pet, avoid filling your profile with pictures of your cat, dog, or any other pet. This will prevent your potential match from quickly swiping away due to preset societal norms about individuals obsessed with their pets.

4. Don’t write too much

There is a reason why most online dating profiles are limited to specific questions. These questions aim to give someone else an idea of who you are, to make them interested enough to message you. A short paragraph is enough; it gives relevant information but not everything at once.

Giving the right amount of information is also a useful seductive technique, enchanting your preferred match. Further information should be shared during dates or chatting.

5. Create a conversational opener

The essence of creating an online profile is to find a connection with someone. Connections are made from engaging conversations that seem natural and not forced. Usually, you want to connect with someone whom you'll share common interests and even explore new avenues.

A conversation opener is as simple as putting in your profile a challenge such as you can beat anyone in Monopoly, Connect Four, bike racing, etc. This technique is least used in online dating profiles but most successful in initiating conversation. In essence, a person who is interested in you will message you and challenge you.

In some way, this meet up can also double as a fun date with your match. Alternatively, you can also point out that you are open to a serious relationship. You are thus attracting someone with similar views.

6. Tell and Show

Online dating involves a lot of telling your match about your interests and experiences. When creating your online profile, you are trying to attract the right people. For this reason, you need to be very specific.

For instance, if you like to travel, you can write this on your profile. However, traveling could mean a trip across the state or a safari to Africa. Never assume that other people will know what type of travel you are into.

Thus, talk about your specific travel destinations and upload pictures of these destinations. It does not have to be a luxurious trip; even a walk on the beach is arguable traveling. The person with similar interests will take note of the pictures and captions and message you.

Additionally, instead of saying, “I like having fun," you can say, "my ideal fun experience is binging on movies and series, taking a walk in the park, dancing in the rain, clubbing." This specificity will also give your match ideal date options if you agree to meet him/her.

7. Know what you want

Regardless of whether this dating is serious or more laid back, it is beneficial if you know what you want from the dating service. For example, do you want true love? Are you trying it to see where it will take you? Are you trying it because your friends recommended it? Whatever your reason is, use it as a guide while preparing and even matching with other users on the app.

You need to know this information before downloading the app on your phone or PC. This process allows you to be truthful to yourself and even with other people.

A common misconception is that wanting something casual is wrong. It is entirely acceptable to only offer casual relationships at the time you are setting up your profile. Being truthful to yourself and others will save you from unnecessary heartbreaks and wastage of time.

Finding love in this digital age is not only a daunting task but also intimidating at first. Online dating is overwhelming for many individuals, with endless possibilities of heartbreaks, rejection, falsification, and the general thought of opening up to a stranger you've never met before. Whatever tips you chose to follow, create that dating profile, and find your match!

About the author:

Mark Beckett is a dating coach who has helped friends and family find and meet their long-term partners. He works with clients to provide dating and long-term relationship advice. He writes for and reviews new dating apps and websites at Canada Dating Sites.

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