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Top 5 Factors to Consider When
Choosing a Marriage Counselor

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In the United States, almost 50% of marriages will end in divorce or separation. However, divorce rates have decreased over the past few years. Although fewer people are getting married, those that are don't want to turn to divorce.

Marriage counseling is a great way to fix problems before they become the end all be all. Choosing a marriage counselor that is right for your situation will determine how successful the sessions are.

Read on to learn the factors to consider when deciding on a therapist...

1. Recommendations

Before choosing a marriage counselor, take your time combing through references and reviews. You can start by asking people you trust who experienced counseling for advice.

If you don't know anyone who went through Marriage Counseling, check online reviews. Gaining insight into other couples' experiences can help you decide for yourself.

You can also look through discipline records on licensing boards to ensure a counselor is legit. A therapist with a stellar reputation will show it off.

2. Shared Values

There are different options for counselors because they each have their own methods of marriage. For example, some marriage counselors will use the bible, speak on feminism, or even humanism.

It might be hard to find a therapist you can agree on everything with, but they should at least share your core values. If you begin therapy and your counselor suggests something that is outside of your values, find a new one.

3. Strategy

The marriage counselor experience is more than having someone mediate your conversations and listen to your stories. This person should have a clear strategy in mind for how to help you and your spouse.

You can ask about their strategy for counseling before hiring them. They may proceed with treatment in a certain way or have a specific therapeutic modality.

You can go through a test session to figure this out as well. If you leave the office feeling like you had no control over the session, someone else might be a better fit.

4. Goals

Among having a strategy for the counseling sessions, you and your spouse should have goals in mind. What result do you want from marriage counseling?

You and your spouse should answer this question and then find a counselor who is willing to help you reach those goals. This will aid in healing for your relationship.

5. Cost

When choosing a marriage counselor, the cost is on a lot of people's minds.

Start by comparing counseling fees from practices in your area. Once you have a good idea of how much everyone charges, you can decide which option fits within your budget.

Choosing a Marriage Counselor for a Happy Life

When your marriage is on the fritz, it is essential to do your best to fix it. Without the right therapist, you'll have more problems than what you started with.

Choosing a marriage counselor who is right for your situation is easy if you follow the steps in this guide. Ensure a counselor has you and your spouses' best interest in mind before giving them the job.

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