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Living Alone and Feeling Lonely? How to Connect to Loved Ones

Everyone feels lonely at some point in their life. Even those surrounded by loved ones can feel separated or isolated, and not know why. If you live alone and find it difficult to connect to loved ones, you’re not the only one. It can be difficult to reach out to friends and family and tell them that you’re feeling lonely, and they may not be aware that they need to make more of an effort. So, what are some simple ways of feeling less lonely when living alone? And how can you connect to loved ones?


If you live alone, it’s important to decorate your home in a way that reminds you of the people in your life. Pictures and photographs can do this effectively, and can be a great way to encourage you to contact your loved ones or simply remind you that they’re there if you need them. Pick a photograph that you really love, create a canvas print and hang it somewhere you’ll see it often, like above your dining table or in your living room. You’ll be surprised how a special, well printed photograph of the people you love can instantly help you to feel less lonely.

Phone calls

You might be living alone and far away from your loved ones because you’re traveling, or you’ve moved to a different city – or even country. If so, you could feel extremely isolated before you get the chance to make new connections. Thankfully, we’re living in a progressive time with excellent technology, and we can have meaningful conversations over the phone or via video calls. To connect with loved ones, communication is key. If you keep forgetting to speak on the phone with your loved ones, schedule in a regular weekly time that you both know about. Don’t forget about time-zones, too.

Shared interests

If your loved ones live nearby but you’re struggling to connect with them, it might help to find a shared interest. For example, if your sibling loves walking you could try scheduling a weekly walk where you have a catch up. Or, if they’re a fan of art, you could sign you both up for a class. Whatever the situation, if you’re struggling to connect to your loved ones, a positive attitude can really help. They will appreciate that you have made the effort and will see that you are trying to strengthen your connection.

Dinner parties

When you live alone, it can be easy to succumb to your own routine and get into a pattern of isolation. But the best thing about living alone is that you can invite people round whenever you want. Hosting dinner parties, or simply inviting one or two friends to your home for a meal or coffee, can make your home feel less of an isolated space, and more of a sociable one. If you’re worried about your hosting skills, keep it small and simple and don’t promise too much. Once you’ve opened up your space and shown yourself to be welcoming, people will enjoy coming over and may make more of an effort, too.

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