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6 Best Ideas to Celebrate Your Friendship Without Any Occasion

Celebrate Your Friendship

Friendship Day comes only once a year, but that doesn’t mean you’d not remember your friends on other days. You can spend time with those who matter the most, any day or every day. You have multiple activities and kinds of stuff you can do with your friends. Don’t worry if you can’t do them all in one day; you still have 364 more days. 

Celebration and eating cakes do not require any occasion. Why wait for that one day to make your friends feel special when you can have fun every day or go for outings with friends when you have the same-day week offs? Here are some best ideas to celebrate your friendship. 

6 Ways to Celebrate Your Friendship

Be it an adult that’s working or a college/university-going student; everyone loves to spend some time with friends. Don’t wait for just friendship day to celebrate but fix any random day and enjoy and appreciate your friends for their presence. 

Here’s how you can enjoy each other’s company without any special occasion.

1] Play Hooky Together

You and your friends can call your boss asking for a sick leave or just a casual leave and hang out together. Go out for a movie or hiking or any other place where you can spend time together. Order and eat your favorite meal, including a cake and for that, you can go for online cake delivery in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi, the choice is based on your region.

2] Binge Watch

If you don’t want to watch movies in the theatre, just get a Netflix or amazon prime subscription, and you can binge-watch the movies at home. This is cheaper than going out, and you can watch as many movies as you want. To get a theatre experience, connect your PC or Television to your home theatre. Switch on the LED lights, get your popcorn and drinks, and now you are all ready for your perfect movie time with your friends.

3] DIY Friendship Bracelet

If you want to stay home and do some activities that are fun and useful for both of you, then making DIY is the best way to spend time together. You can make friendship bracelets, t-shits, or any other matching friendship items.

4] Do a Karaoke Party 

If you are interested in singing, then you and your groups can go to a karaoke party. You can either get a microphone or a decent stereo system with mics or enjoy your favorite pop hits at your home. Go crazy with your group and relieve all your stress by dancing, singing, eating, partying, etc. You can enjoy this time at home or go out to a karaoke club and land in the world of music and pop.

[5] Host a Sleepover

Call your friends to stay a night at your home. Spend the night together and chit-chat on the daily topics, gossip about your workplace, watch movies, have a liquor night, or any other fun night. Take the level of the celebration one step up by recalling the moments spent together and take the resolution to keep the friendship bond stronger.

In addition, if you want to add the taste of sweetness to your friendship, then gifts are the best options and is an ideal portal. Here you will get a wide range of friendship gifts and delivery will be done in no time.

[6] Go Shopping

Shopping is the best stress buster. Take a break from your hectic daily schedule and visit the nearest mall to update yourselves on the latest fashion. Gift vouchers are offered by many merchants. Use them to buy clothes, makeup, gadgets, etc., for your friends and yourself. Self-pampering is a much-needed luxury. You can also go and try out varieties from different food outlets.


The celebration doesn’t need any occasion and to stay happy, you can spend your valuable time with your friends. Friends are an important part of our lives, and their presence should be appreciated. Some friends are there with us from the beginning of our school days. These childhood friends are sometimes taken for granted, but this time take the opportunity and thank them for being with you during your early days.

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