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How to Celebrate Birthdays from Afar

Distance is one of the greatest challenges any relationship can face. Whether you are away for business, studying abroad or social distancing for safety reasons, it's hardest to miss your loved ones during holidays and special events. Birthdays are a time to honor the ones you care about and help them celebrate a year gone while ushering another one in; how can you make that day special when you're not able to see each other in person?

Luckily, the power of the internet and technology make it feasible for you to give anyone in your life a special birthday no matter how far apart you might be. Check out these ideas and keep them in mind as your friends' and family members' birthdays come around. Even if you're not physically together, you won't be too far apart with these reminders.

Host a Video Dinner

Dining from afar can still be meaningful. Treat it like a proper get-together by putting on your nicest party clothes, lighting candles and even having a little cake to serenade the birthday boy or girl. You can even plan a recipe ahead of time to cook together over FaceTime, or order your favorite meals from a local restaurant and enjoy them over video chat. Thanks to streaming apps, you can even watch a movie together with multiple friends and have a proper celebration from anywhere in the world.

Surprise Them with Fresh Flowers

Even if you're nowhere near your loved one on their special day, you can send them a token of your love and affection. Flower subscription boxes offer sustainably sourced, unique mixed bouquets and floral arrangements for birthdays and other celebrations. You can even arrange to have them sent at different times to really make your friend or relative feel loved. Flowers offer physical symbols of friendship and love; whenever you're apart, sending farm-grown flowers will let your recipient always have a reminder of you around them. This gesture can be especially meaningful for those who are alone for their birthday and don't have any way to be with the people they love most.

Get Food Delivered

Instead of cooking, you might just decide to treat the person to a special meal from their favorite restaurant. Even if you don't live in the same state, you can enter their address on a food delivery app; it might be better to dine together, but it can still mean a lot to someone if you think of them and cover the cost of their birthday meal. Be sure to let them know ahead of time though that a delivery is on its way; you can even arrange to have a birthday cake from or a box of cupcakes sent to their doorstep. A sweet treat is always a special way to indulge on your birthday, even if you're spending it solo.

Donate in Their Name

Honor your loved one by making a donation to a cause they're passionate about. Most organizations offer some sort of certificate or symbol to commemorate donations. If they're an animal lover, consider adopting one of their favorites at their local zoo. A sponsorship program allows them to receive routine updates on their animal while your money goes toward providing food, habitat and emotional enrichment. If they're into nature, have a tree planted somewhere in their name, or donate to the World Ocean Council. If you're thinking of a charitable gift this year, then take the time to ask your loved one what they care about. You'll get to know them better and touch their heart by showing you care about the things that matter to them.

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