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How to Build Strong Relationships in 2020

By Karl Murphy

The worldwide quarantine imposed out of rapid spread of COVID-19 virus has significantly changed every sphere of human life. People around the world have been all forced to stay home and cut down almost all interpersonal connections. It is logical that the changes affected the sphere of dating. In many countries today there are restrictions on movement and interaction between people: somewhere you can only go to the nearest store or pharmacy, somewhere you can’t meet in a group of more than two people or it is not recommended to communicate with those with whom you do not live in the same house. Not the most convenient environment for new acquaintances. Some find it absolutely awful and depressing, others come to terms and dedicate this time to their families, but there is also the third group that doesn’t even know how to feel. These are the loving couples that appeared to be separated for months. What are the options left for them to communicate and spend time together in the settings of strict prohibitions?

First of all, let’s think about loving couples that are not able to see each other in months for reasons different from worldwide lockdown – about international sailors, militaries, businessmen and their wives. How do they maintain their relationships and stay in touch? These examples should help separated couples build the lock down communication strategy.

Well, fortunately, in terms of worldwide communication technologies, the modern world has a lot to offer to everyone in need.

Keep In Touch Through Social Media

First of all, messaging and video chats. The worldwide web won’t let you stay isolated from your significant other. You may exchange your news, feelings and thoughts via messengers, emails or video calls. For those who are willing to maintain their sexual lives during the quarantine there are tons of information and tutorials on how to perform the erotic side of relationships online.

If you are not able to meet at the restaurant, cinema or theater you can always organize an online date. Light up candles, order the same food and drinks from delivery and watch some movie or theater play together. This probably won’t substitute warm evenings together, however, will help you to survive the separation easier.

Show Your Affection

Secondly, even if you are not near your beloved one, you still can take care of and show your affection to them. Don’t think that if you are far away from your beloved one, you are not able to help and support them.

Order flowers and sweets delivery to your girl’s apartment or buy something your spouse has long dreamt of from an online store. If your significant other is facing some problems that can be solved remotely – don’t hesitate to take the situation into your hands.

How to Maintain and Improve Your Relationship During Quarantine?

Let’s now turn to couples that have been locked down together. How can they maintain good relationships and bring diversity in their personal life during the quarantine?

Respect Personal Space of Your Partner

First and foremost, let yourself have a rest from each other. Don’t try to spend 24 hours a day together. Remember, that before the quarantine you were engaged in your work, hobbies and communication with the outside world, while now you only have each other. And, spending all the time with one person may become quite a challenge. So spend your days differently and don’t force each other into something you don’t want to do. Then, in the afternoon you will be able to have some kind of a date discussing your day and having a pleasant conversation. In order to have the perfect romantic evening in the company of a loved one, it is not necessary to leave for Paris or reserve a table in the best restaurant in the city. Turn off the phones, forget about the problems and cook your favorite food together, for which on ordinary days you do not have enough time or will.
As soon as food is ready, put a beautiful tablecloth on the table, light candles and don’t forget to dress up. Forget about corona virus and quarantine and talk about mutual plans and goals for the future.

Bring Romance Into Your Life

If you are locked down in your house with personal territory, don’t miss a chance to look at the stars together in the evening. You may also watch some films or TV-series in the open air and how the romantic rendezvous with your significant other in the cozy tent afterwards.

Take a Short Car Trip

If the quarantine measures in your location allow this, you may take a short trip in your personal car to some remote place in the mature. Take some snacks and outdoor games with you. This will help you to unwind and receive some vitamin D.

Work Out as a Couple

Sport is always a good idea when it comes to revealing tension and getting rid of stress. Try doing any kind of sport together and you will end the quarantine not only with great relationships but also fit bodies.

Spice Up Your Sexual Life

Bring fresh ideas to your sexual life. During the self-isolation you will have enough time to learn new techniques and implement them into your erotic activities. To help fill the void, perhaps you fancy getting on the phone for a steamy sex chat with a wild and hot babe? That's what Live 121 Chat offers.Or you may also order some materials or toys to diversify your night dates. Aside from virtual bars and dance parties on different platform, online sex parties began to appear in different cities and countries.

How to Find a Partner During Quarantine?

And finally let’s turn to those who suffer from lack of attention from the other sex and want to build relationships during the quarantine. These are thousands of singles that have been cut off the possibility to make personal acquaintances and go to the real dates. What advice can be given to them?

Meet Like-Minded Singles Online

Communication on the Internet has become a new norm, and traditional acquaintances in a bar or with friends already seem to be something old-fashioned, like a love serenade in front of your lover’s balcony. At first, you may join different groups by the interests in various social media. This will help you meet dozens of new like-minded people every day and make it possible to start romantic relationships with one of them. This way, however, has some drawbacks. For example, not everyone on the Internet is interested in starting relationships and to find a romantic partner in such a way is rather the matter of luck.

Utilize the Power of the Online Dating Sites

With all the issues of previous point deal specially created dating websites. These are aimed at uniting esports from all over the world on one platform. There are hundreds of various dating sites that will fulfill any romantic preferences: Latino dating sites, Slavic dating sites, Asian dating sites and more and more. There are those specializing in providing communication tools for people to build serious relationships and those for quick hookups. All you will need to start communicating on such websites is your laptop and a couple of spare hours a day. These websites as the NaughtyDate usually operate 24/7 which makes it convenient for every user despite their location and time zones to efficiently use the website.

Such sites are usually free to register on, to update your account and look through the other users’ profiles. These are only the communication tools that are usually paid. This allows every newcomer to get acquainted with the website and its members before paying for its services and also, if the website has credit type of payments, choose which tool to pay for. And, there is quite a lot to choose from. Some give its members the possibility to exchange emails, chat, make video calls, deliver flowers and gifts, etc.


In the hard times it is very important to have someone to lean on. That is why the isolation from our communication circle, especially our beloved ones) may be very painful and depressing. In this review we tried to address the problem from different angles and would like to conclude that where there is the will, there is the way. In other words, if the couple really wants to be together it eventually finds their way out of the situation and if not, then maybe you should take our advice about registering on the online dating website.

About the author:

Karl Murphy is a professional journalist from Des Moines, Iowa. After obtaining his Master's degree, he's launched his career and over its course, Karl was contributing to the popular publications for men. He's passionate about eSports, so now he develops his blog

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