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7 Amazing Budget Friendly Wedding Venue Ideas

When you are planning a wedding, the reception venue will often be the most expensive part of the wedding. It can take up to 50% of your entire budget if it includes food and drinks. That is why finding a venue that fits your needs is crucial. And if you are planning a budget-friendly wedding, the situation might complicate a bit more. But nothing to worry about, we have seven ideas for your wedding to be a total success without spending much.

1. Courthouse or city hall

Have a courthouse ceremony and make the most out of their historic building. Many cities have beautiful city halls where you can tie the knot, take amazing pictures, and then head to an intimate dinner with your nearest and dearest.

Another perk of a courthouse wedding is that you must limit your guest count, which means saving money. If you want to host an after ceremony gathering, you do not need to throw a multiple-course meal. Cocktails and appetizers at home can be special too.

2. Airbnb

Many Airbnb properties allow you to host an event, and the cost can be much lower than renting a traditional wedding venue. Plus, they tend to have unique and amazing locations as well as a beautiful decorations. You do not need to do much when renting an Airbnb.

If you want to make an extra space special, wedding drapery rentals are ideal for you. You can rent the exact amount of drapery you need, from straight drapery, backdrops, and free-standing drapery. It is all easy to set up, and you will receive what you need right to your door.

3. Home

Your home or a family property can be the ideal setting for your wedding while keeping the cost low. Hosting a wedding at home will make your event intimate and unique. There is something precious and magical about family homes. If you have a beautiful backyard or patio, it could be the perfect spot for your ceremony. You can save even more with wedding drapes DIY; by renting and installing your drapery, you will save hundreds of dollars while creating distinctive decorative lines.

Keep in mind other costs associated with a celebration at home; if you host a large event, you could need extra bathrooms, a valet parking service, and a tent in case weather to have a rain plan or cover your catering service. To keep the space beautiful, you can cover the portable bathrooms with drapery and avoid photos to feature them as a backdrop.

4. Parks

You can find a local, state, or national park that allows you to celebrate your ceremony and even host a reception. Many of them only require you to ask for a special event permit and provide information regarding your weddings, such as the number of attendants, date, and hour. You can save much on decoration because natural beauty does not need much work.

To mark the ceremony space, you can set up a self-standing pipe and drape DIY, and it will provide a romantic setting without interfering much with the surroundings. And that space can also serve for your guests to take awesome photos.

5. House of worship

Religious centers often offer small spaces for you to celebrate your wedding reception after the ceremony ends. You can save money by booking with them, and they are usually beautiful and even historical buildings, so you will need little décor.

Many even feature an equipped kitchen. If they do not, you can set up stations outdoors and cover the space with wedding drapery rentals, they are easy to install, and you will lower the cost by DIY. Once your event ends, all you need to do is send them back.

6. Museum

Museums, zoos, art galleries, and even botanical gardens are some of the unconventional and inexpensive wedding venues you can find in your town. They offer the beauty of their collections, and the buildings they are in are always amazing, perhaps modern or historical, you will find one that suits you well.

For a themed wedding, you can choose a museum which suits your needs. There are science museums, modern art, fine arts, natural history, industry, and even flight. The exhibits will serve as décor and entertainment for your guests.

7. Community center

A community center has the purpose of gathering people for different activities, making it the perfect place for a wedding. They are usually full of space and almost always with tables and chairs. Remember that you can change the whole decoration with wedding drapes DIY. Your guests will not even know if they are at the local community center or a fancy wedding venue.

Weddings can happen in any place you imagine, and there is no need to rent a wedding venue with so many unique and unconventional alternatives. Plus, you will save some money because wedding decoration takes about 20% of your total budget between ceremony, reception, and floral design.

When your wedding venue is inexpensive and beautiful, your wedding will not only be budget-friendly but a magical celebration. Keep an open mind regarding your wedding vendors to continue the savings; there are many items you can rent, and you prefer seasonal items that are usually at a better price.

We hope our seven options for a budget-friendly wedding venue inspire you to plan the wedding of your dreams without sacrificing your finances. Remember that a marriage is all about the meaningful union between two souls, and you do not need to spend all your savings to have a dreamed wedding.

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