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Best Tips on Dating Over 30

Dating over 30

Dating and developing a relationship when you are 30 is not quite the same as when you are 20. The rules of the game change, values and priorities are set in a completely different way. And this is okay, time and life experience make us grow up as personalities. Basically the major difference is the necessity to know what you want and where to start. Dating services for those over 30 are more diverse, interesting, touching, and successful than when you are 20. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about a few tips that will help you either find a pleasant and non-binding romance just for fun or create a strong, healthy family.

  • Age is just a number. Don't think that your age obligates you to date someone from the same sector. You can easily be attracted to someone 10 years younger or 15 years older, both options are fine if you have a similar life-views and share common values. Different experiences may become a solid ground for personal growth for both of you. And dating suits any age, equally 30 and 60. So never ever let yourself believe that there is no place for a romance after 30.
  • Have a clear vision of your goals. In your 20s you can easily be okay with a guy who drives a good car and can invite you to an expensive restaurant. After 30 you can still like it, but you will also need more. Compaction, empathy, support, shared values, settled daily routine, even schedule, all those things are important and cannot be ignored in dating over 30. If you have never seriously thought about what you expect from a potential partner, try to do a simple mental exercise. Write down the names of former partners and dates. Next to each name, write down 5 things you liked about them and 5 things that annoyed you. Put the list aside and come back to it in a few days. Scan it carefully, some points will surely repeat itself.
  • Leave the past in the past. When you are over 30, there are high chances of a bad experience in relationships: the partner left, cheated, or maybe even died. But dating is a chance to leave the past behind and look into the future. On a date, you shouldn't talk about your ex who cheated on you or whose mother still sends you Christmas cards. Everyone has their own skeletons, but dating is definitely not a place to put them on public display.
  • Be open to the new things. When you go through a series of unsuccessful relationships, a natural defense mechanism kicks in: if you do not let people close, they will not be able to hurt you. But avoiding close interaction with people makes dating impossible. There is no chance to find a match when your personal borders are protected better than Fort Knox. You can even try being explorative and looking on a site like Craigslist for a connection. When the time comes and you date a person with genuine interest and attraction, it is time to low the walls or at least open the main gates, let yourself be vulnerable, just a little bit.
  • Have fun. When you're in your 30s, it's easy to get stuck in a feeling that you are missing something, that you are not enough. Hing social standards can play a really bad trick on you, so dating can turn into a casting for a perfect family member. It is okay to have a family as a goal, but first of all, dating is fun and joy, it is a pleasant process of knowing another person and learning some things about yourself, and all of that well-seasoned with romance. Have fun and get to know your date better. Don’t rush anything only because you are dating over 30. It is pointless regardless of age. Relationships don't have to be a constant obligation and routine, fill it with joy, laughter, and love.
  • Don’t waste your time. People over 30, who try their chances in dating, are usually affected by the impression, that any date is the last one, that this exact partner is the last opportunity not to die alone. This is a huge mistake. You always deserve the best, so if it is clear that dating does not give positive emotions and feelings, but only suck the mood from your life, move on. Don’t waste time and effort on something not worthy.

As you can see, dating is not some high-ranked mathematical problem, it is a way to add an inch of romance to your life, a chance to find more solid ground for growing self-esteem, to know yourself and to create a strong bond with someone you like. When you are in your 30s, dating is a way to open a second youth in yourself. Be open, communicate, and discuss everything, let the attachment and common amusement grow and blossom. Trust your feelings and listen to your intuition, deep inside you know whom you are looking for. Some luck and in the end, you will get an amazing and breathtaking love story you totally deserve.

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