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Understanding the Science Behind
Happy Relationships

happy relationship

By Linda Beryl

You have probably heard people talk about the chemistry of love. Indeed, scientists have confirmed that there is a lot of chemical reactions that happen in our bodies when we are in love. However, there is still a significant number of people who are oblivious to this despite having a happy relationship. If you and your partner seem to be doing well, it is good to know the science behind it.

Research has revealed that the science that leads to a happy relationship is a combination of people's characters, decisions they make, and how they view things, among many other things. Below is all that you need to know.

Communication is Key

For a couple to have a happy relationship, they will need to communicate more and in a better way. Finding the right communication styles and channels may not be easy, but after learning what makes the other person happy, the process becomes easier.

Laughter - Can you remember the last time you cracked a few jokes with your partner? If you do, you can tell that it released any stress that you had and rejuvenated you. Laughter is medicinal to the body. Thus, finding things that make you happy together is essential.

Talking - If you converse more, you get to learn more about each other. It is also the easiest way to find solutions to any problems that you might have. Learn the art of communicating with your partner. It should be polite, respectful, and always honest. Those who bring their problems forward and talk about them are likely to enjoy a happy relationship. It truly works miracles.

What is the Happy Couple Ratio?

As surprising as it is, happy couples interact more than those who are not happy or have separated. One study showed that most of the interactions are positive and only a few are negative. To be precise, happy couples have only one negative interaction for every four positive ones. The report went on to show that the negative interaction is usually a small issue that they find easy to solve.

On the other hand, those who have separated have more negative interactions that lead to problems at all times. They get overwhelmed by challenges and eventually part ways.

The Science of Intimacy

Being intimate in a relationship entails many things, but romance and sex is the climax of it all. According to many studies, happy couples engage in sex at least weekly. Although many people think that the more you have sex, the happier you are, these studies think that once a week is enough.

Romance, on the other hand, is crucial at all times. Kiss, hug, cuddle, and hold hands at every opportune time. This will increase the sense of love and security. More ladies feel happier when their men are romantic. Likewise, men will be happier when the action is reciprocated to them. When intimacy decreases, couples start to be less happy, and this will eventually affect their relationship negatively. In fact, this may require professional help before separation occurs.

Sharing Dream and Ambitions

Nothing makes a partner happier than overseeing you making your dream a reality. If they are given an opportunity to help, they become a part of it. It could be a career dream or any other achievement in life. If you start accumulating property and investing together, this will bring happiness in your relationship as long as there is transparency. Problems start to arise when honesty and trust come in, especially when it comes to joint properties.

All in all, social studies prove that 100 percent of couples who contribute to each other’s success in life are happy together. In fact, these couples create a bond that brings them closer at all times.

Family and Happiness

As soon as people get married, they start a family, and 90 percent look forward to having kids either immediately or later in life. So, does this arrangement of a family affect your happiness? Surprisingly, having kids has affected many couples negatively. It is unfortunate that people do not know how to balance work, family, and social life. This can rob your happiness as a couple. Some parents get too attached to their kids and forget their partner while others work for more hours to provide for the family.

Experienced family counselors recommend creating a well-thought out schedule that involves both parents in bringing up the kids, both partners creating their time together, and both helping each other to pay the bills. Without a plan, separation and divorce might be your next destination.


The science of being happy is an act of balance between many factors as we have mentioned. Couples who learn this early in life are better off than those who struggle to be happy because of making wrong decisions.

Author Bio:

Linda Beryl is an enthusiastic writer in relationships, family, and marriage. After gaining enough experience as a marriage counselor, she is now confident in sharing her knowledge with others through writing. Her favorite dating website both for young people and the older generations is the Happymatches website. The above piece is one of her many inspirations to all people who are looking for happiness in a relationship.

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