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Setting Intentions for All Relationships

By Hether Ayres

Are you attracting the "wrong" type of woman or man? Do you repeatedly end up in relationships that are close to what you are looking for, but that inevitably contain some deal breaker? Do you realize once you are into a relationship that it just isn't going to work out, AFTER you have invested yourself emotionally?

You can save yourself tons of heartbreak, time, and energy just by setting your intentions more clearly up front and by better communicating those to the universe. Unless there is some huge Karmic debt involved (in which case we recommend you see a trusted hypnotherapist immediately), we almost always get what we are asking the universe for.

Being clear on the type of person that you would like to attract is the most important part of manifesting your dream relationship. You will attract the person you are seeing in your mind. The universe always says "Yes" to what you ask for. If you are subconsciously telling yourself that "all the good ones are taken" or that you're "not loveable" then the universe will simply act as a mirror to those thoughts, whether that is what you think you are asking for or not. You'll see your thoughts reflected back to you in your experience.

It is important to be very careful when setting your intentions. Our minds work via images. If you keep focusing on what you DON'T want then all that gets communicated to the universe is the image of what you DON'T want. "Oh please God, don't send me another abusive man!!!" Voila! Another abusive man! It's not rocket science. It's just metaphysical love law.

The more detailed your vision, the more feelings you attach to your dream, the more you desire and commit yourself to no less than your vision, the more likely it will manifest exactly as you have planned.

The pitfall that many fall into is that they set their intentions, and they start attracting potential partners that come very close. They are amazed at the results compared to the past and, therefore, jump at the chance to be in a relationship so close to what they have envisioned. Then they realize that a deal breaker is there. They get hurt, and they lose trust in the intention setting process.

The problem is not in the intention setting process. The problem is in settling for less than the ideal partner!!! If you openly discuss your dreams, your life goals, and your values with a potential partner, and also compare that partner to your list of qualities you seek, and the potential partner does not match up, you must have faith in the process and believe that the intention setting you have done will eventually attract the ideal partner to you!!! You must stay committed to and trust in the process!!!

So many of us just don't wait! We crave the intimacy, the physical affection... We are so anxious to have what (WHO) we want, that we jump too soon. Then six months later - maybe 6 years later! - we are back to the intention setting drawing board!!!

If you want to attract your dream relationship, you have to keep going until it manifests completely into your life. You must let go of any limiting beliefs that you don't deserve such a relationship, and any beliefs that it is not 100% possible. This does not mean that the other person is perfect. It just means that you can attract a partner that matches your list perfectly. But first and foremost, you must believe. Then you must stay committed to your vision.

One thought you may want to consider is that it may not really be that loving to jump into a relationship with someone who doesn't match your vision. It can turn into a cycle of judgment, emotional pain, and lowered vibrations. Inevitably someone may try to change the other. Or someone may stuff his/her true desires. It is hard to love unconditionally and with full acceptance when deep down you know you are out of alignment with your true desires and vision.

Keep the faith. Trust the process. Don't settle for less than you deserve. The universe always provides. Especially when it comes to love!

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