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The Art of Seduction: Which Type of Seducer are You?

Art of Seduction

Seduction is truly an art, and anyone can become good at it. It just takes a bit of self discovery to deduce your natural abilities. Take a look at our guide to figuring out which type of seducer you are:

1. The Siren

The siren seducer craves attention and they lure in prospects with their illuminating beauty. Essentially, the siren is eye candy and plays on your every fantasy, avoiding rationality. The siren keeps things positive on the way to pleasure. They live in sexy lingerie and use it to their advantage.

2. The Charmer

You'll know you're a charmer if you love to boost the ego of anyone you meet. You know just how to make someone feel special by validating their sense of self and image. Charmers know how to talk the talk. The charmer understands the three fundamental laws of human nature: the law of narcissism, the law of grandiosity, and the law of defensiveness.

3. The Tease (a.k.a. The Coquette)

Teasers love to have fun and explore boundaries. They understand your limits and yet push right up against them. Teases aren't afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to teasing and flirting, and will regularly go to great lengths to gather intel to use (playfully) against you. Teasers are confident and can be a bit mysterious at times, including when it comes to tease a girl over text.

4. The Natural

If you're a natural, you do things spur-of-the-moment and never plan anything. You're playful and make people feel at ease. Natural seducers are sincere, and people are usually drawn to them because they're endearing, spontaneous, and intoxicating. They also have an openness for affection and protection.

5. The Star

A star seducer is just that: a real star. They're beautiful and magical and interesting. There's something special about them that you just can't put your finger on. They're never boring or average, and they live to stand out from the crowd. Stars are the type who won't settle for anything basic, including lingerie — they're the type to show up in a sexy Halloween costume and play the part.

6. The Charismatic One

Charismatic seducers have more self-confidence than they know what to do with, and it plays out well both inside and outside of the bedroom. They have magnetic personalities that draw others in. You can tell they're genuinely happy people.

7. The Ideal

The ideal lover can understand someone's deepest desires. They know exactly what you want and just how to give it to you because they take time to fully understand and empathize with you. They can bring any fantasy to life. They have a romanticized view of love, and it's easy to get hooked on this type of seducer.

8. The Player (a.k.a. The Rake)

You're a player if you're straightforward with what you want. Players are great at speaking the love language of anyone they want to seduce. They're not afraid to show what they're after. 

9. The Dandy

The dandy is somewhat similar to the Siren or the Rake, but they tear down labels that society has placed on sexuality and genders. Dandies are ambiguous, obscure and allow themselves to break free of sexual behavioral roles.

Which Type of Seducer Are You?

While it may depend on your mood, chances are you naturally fit into one or two of these seducer roles or a combination of a few of them. Whichever role you identify with, allow yourself to revel in what comes naturally to you. Enjoy!

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