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Find Your Spouse and Real Love
by Eliminating Stressful Dating Difficulties

By Dina Allusi

Thousands of single people go through life without ever finding that one special person. About 60% of singles in the United States never find their real partner, and with divorces on the rise, people cannot even remain happy with the partners that they do find.

Broken promises, no-shows, and cheating make it hard for people to trust and find real love or a spouse. But, it doesn’t always have to be so hard. You don’t have to settle for that one person and instead, you can find the one you want to be with by making good and honest choices during your dating life. Not sure how you can do this? Start by changing your outlook on dating; this is what will make finding love or a spouse much easier.

Your expectations are too high

Have you ever gone on a date and anticipated everything that would happen from the beginning to the end of the date? Your date is flawlessly gorgeous, well dressed, and eloquent; the conversation is enjoyable and flirty, and finally, it ends with sweet promises of next time and a romantic goodnight kiss. Sound familiar? If so, chances are you’ve been let down on many dates.

Having high expectations for every person you date will always end in disastrous results. Every person is different and maintaining high expectations for potential partners will depress you each time, especially when your date doesn’t go as you dreamed. Of course, establish limits as to what you will withstand during a date, but try to keep them within reason.

You are too negative

Does negativity creep up into your thoughts when you just look at your potential partner? He’s too tall, she’s too chatty, I don’t like his beard, etc. Such thoughts can quickly ruin your date and increase the stress of trying to find that ‘perfect’ person.

No one is perfect, so silence negative thoughts as you get to know the person. It will make the dating process much easier. Of course, don’t limit yourself to singles in one area. Expand your choices in potential partners with Top 10 Best Dating Websites and get more from your dating life.

You rush through dating

Nothing scares away a potentially ideal partner than rushing a relationship. People need time to be acquainted, learn about each other, and decide if that person matches them. When you try to rush through a relationship, you miss important details of that other person. And, you risk a high probability of running to the altar before you know if you really want to be with that person. So, take it slow.

You believe in storybook love

We all want that sweet, romantic love we read in storybooks as children. But, storybook love is just a fantasy, written by authors who cater to the ‘good-feeling’ emotion for hopeless romantics. Real love doesn’t fall into place as it does in stories. It takes patience, dedication, and a lot of work to make it work. Yes, making love work can be trying at times, but finding your real love and true partner shouldn’t be so difficult.

Keep in mind that these changes can make the process easier, especially when you regularly date. Always have an open mind and don’t be afraid to try new things!

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