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Young Girls on Social Media –
What Parents Should Know

Young Girls on Social Media

We have discussed many times about Cyber threats, but here, we have come with the most growing internet danger, Girls haunting. It’s not only bullying or sexting, but girls can also face some issues regarding their grades, shared photos, being skinny, etc. People weren’t able to say negative things on the face, but the internet has made it easy for every online user to say anything with only one click. 

Unfortunately, this is the sad reality of the online world because online users find it easy to make abusive comments on the girls without thinking about how they will feel such hatred. 

No matter how much parents teach their daughters to be brave or how to survive, but social media has ruined many lives already with its evil side. For example, a girl shares on social media how she sees herself in the next year or what she wants to achieve, then her online friends or strangers will take her down and make her feel miserable. 

Here, we are going to share some impacts which are affecting our girls on social media platforms and the right solution (android spyware) to stop our girls from interacting with such threats. 

Catfishing – Leads to Emotional Breakdown 

Using fake online identity, online users always look for the chance to prey on teenage girls. Such people know how to use smart tricks and grab the attention of the victim. They mostly target girls and collect their personal information. The most common reason behind catfishing is to borrow the money from the victim. Meanwhile, they ask for money, and our grooming girls send them money whether they have to steal it from their own house. This is because our young girls often get emotionally involved with their online friends.

Online Predating – The Reason Behind Rape Today 

No strict online rules have made it easy for sexual predators to reach our daughters. Every day, we read the news about girls getting raped, but only some people are able to know the reason behind such growing cases. The most common reason is online sexual predating, where an online user builds a friendship bond with the teenage girls and convinces them to meet in-person. The analysis shows that 1 in 3 teens (girls) receive random messages. Our young generation is vulnerable to such cyber threats dangers of online world because they easily trust every online user and start chatting. It can lead to kidnapping or commercial sexual abuse. Such incidents do not affect the current time but can leave harmful effects on the victim for life. 

Cyberbullying Causes Low Self-Esteem 

Pain is not the name of physical scars, but it can happen when a person breakdown emotionally. Soul-crushing comments on appearance or skills can ruin the personality of the victim. Our teen girls often get bullied by their peers or friends. It causes low self-esteem and develops the inferiority complex. Such situations are enough to isolate the child, cause depression, increase anxiety symptoms, self-harm, suicide, etc. 

What’s the Solution to Keep the Girls Safe on Social Media?

Is it possible to forbid the girls from using internet?

Well, this is not the solution as it can make the kids furious and cause trust issues. 

Our new generation depends on the internet a lot from making an assignment to staying in touch with their friends. Social media animedao is a common platform where our teens, especially girls, spend their time. Online tracking is the most convenient way to monitor their social media activities.

Download Android Spyware – Guard the Girls on Social Networking Sites

Parents teach their daughters everything except the online boundaries because it can weaken their relationship and make them think they don’t trust. Using undetectable spying tools enables the parents to check what their kids are doing and whom they are talking to. Advanced features give the end-user access to the target device completely, from social media profiles to surround recording. Social media accounts access reveal if any sexual predators are trying to teach your child. 

Parents can take action remotely and block unwanted contacts with only one click. Surround recording features help parents to explore if the peers or friends making your daughter feel miserable or spew raging. Such remote access also helps the parents to collect the evidence so they can report and protect their girls from predators.

Guard your Teen Girls on Social Media with Android Spyware and Stop Inappropriate Activity Remotely!

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