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Why is Daycare So Important For Children?


What Does a Daycare Offer?

Daycare facilities provide a solution by providing care for school-age children while parents have to go out and work. This is especially true in most countries with both parents working jobs and lacking a consistent support network (such as grandparents or family members) to help support them.

The Financial Factor

Economically, the cost of living in most countries has increased over time due to rising prices of goods and services, including daycare. Uncontrollable rising costs have made it harder for families to afford basic education, healthcare, childcare and housing needs for their children. These families must often weigh whether to work or stay at home and look after their children. It’s important to determine if there are any childcare programs that offer subsidies that save money and ensure that parents can send their children to daycare.

The Importance of Socialization & Education

Socially, daycare is important because it allows parents the opportunity to introduce their children to social skills, communication and language development. Daycare centers often have well-trained specialists who ensure that children are well fed and happy. In addition, these centers have a set curriculum which allows the children to interact with their environment as toddlers and learn how to behave in society.

In some cases where parents don't have the time or resources to first teach these skills at home, daycare is a necessity for a child's development. In fact, a recent study by the Brookings Institution found that the longer children stay in daycare facilities, the better prepared they are for elementary school.

In addition, due to an increase in both maternal and paternal participation in the workforce, child rearing has become a shared responsibility between parents and non-parents. This means that people other than mom and dad are playing a critical role in shaping a child's development and behavior.

Daycare is also important because it can be complementary to a child's parental upbringing. Parents often make their own choices about how to raise their children based on values they hold dear. Daycare can provide a space for a parent to share these values with the child in a way that they might not have been able to do otherwise.

For example, parents who practice Christian beliefs often enroll their children into daycare which is affiliated with their church. This allows the children to socialize with other children whose moral and spiritual upbringing shares the same values as they do.


The Positive Effects on Future Development

In short, daycare is important for children because it helps serve important needs that are necessary to provide a child with an adequate education and future. Many parents enroll their children in daycare not just to ensure their wellbeing but also because of the positive effects on their development. With more working mothers than ever before, daycare centers offer a service that is often beyond the capacity of parents to provide.

The Facts

According to IBIS World, “The market size, measured by revenue, of the Day Care industry in Canada is $7.8bn in 2021.” The market share is also “expected to increase 5.6% in 2021.”

Furthermore, Statistics Canada stated that “there were differences in participation rates among the provinces and territories during the pandemic. Children younger than 6 living in Quebec (75%) were most likely to be in child care, a proportion similar to the 78% observed in 2019. By comparison, children aged 0 to 5 living in Alberta were much less likely to be in child care in late 2020 (41%) than in 2019 (54%).

As you can see, daycare is a mainstream in life across Canada. So make sure you send your children to the right daycare for you and them. We recommend 2000 Days Daycare in Calgary, Canada. They’re the best daycare for your children’s development and future.

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