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5 Ways to Spend More Time with
Your Family at Home

The ongoing pandemic has changed a lot for the world. Most importantly, it has increased the amount of time spent at home and decreased the number of outdoor activities. With frequent waves of quarantine periods and lockdowns, people today have no choice but to stay at home. Even work has shifted to remote working or work-from-home. As for colleges, you’ll notice a significant number of students taking online classes instead of physically going to school. But this amount of time spent at home means greater time for family. It’s even better if you watch something on cable TV deals. Contact Spectrum TV customer service and enjoy ultimate TV experience.

However, most people still struggle to spend the required time with their loved ones. But don’t worry. You can still spend significant time with your family and also have fun while you’re at it. Here’s how:

Watch a Movie Together

Watching a movie with your family is one of the easiest ways to spend some quality time with them. You don’t even need to put too much effort into this. Some families require extra work and attention to get together. With this activity, all members of your family will be likely to stay involved. This is because movies keep viewers engaged and interested. This won’t require the lengthy process of picking out a movie from Netflix or Hulu.

Apart from this, older family members such as your parents and grandparents might actually prefer cable tv over any streaming service. However, make sure the movie you pick is appropriate for families and doesn’t involve too much violence. If your choice of genre is comedy flicks, you’ll enjoy your time even more.

Cook a Meal Collectively

This is one of the most interactive ways you can enjoy time with your family. Cooking a meal can be chaotic, comedic, and a lot of fun. Especially when done with a large number of people. You can make sure all your family members are involved in the process by giving each of them an important part. For instance, some family members can be in charge of mixing or whisking. Others can be given the responsibility of cutting up the ingredients or just reading out the recipe.

This activity will make sure that everybody is involved and having fun. The best part about this is that you’ll all be interacting and communicating with each other while carrying this out. At the same time, you could teach your kids some valuable life skills. One of the most fitting meals for this activity could be a cake. Baking a cake with a large number of people is always fun. Plus, you can always decorate and ice the cake with your family for some extra enjoyment.

Play Board Games Together

Before the age of the internet and the popularity of smartphones, this is how families spent quality time together. Board games are an interactive, creative, and engaging way to increase the amount of time spent at home. You can also be sure that everybody is involved and fully committed to this activity. This is because backing out or showing less interest means that you lose. And nobody wants that.

Board games are even more fun if you team up with certain members of your family. This will encourage healthy competition, partnership, and fun exchanges between all members of the household. Some interactive games that are great for this purpose include Jenga, Monopoly Deal, Scrabble, Cluedo, Uno, and Sequence.

Switch Off Your Devices

This is one of the most important ways to increase communication with your family. Devices, especially smartphones, have seriously limited people’s ability to talk and interact with each other. Especially at home. In fact, it’s very common to see everybody glued to their phone screens. Your younger siblings will be browsing through new Tik Tok content while your parents will be scrolling through Twitter or Facebook.

When this becomes the norm, it’s very hard to spend time with each other, even when in the same space. So, it’s important to simply switch off your devices and talk to each other. You can set aside a time where all devices must be disconnected from the internet. During this period, just sit together and talk to each other. Discuss how your day went or how school is going for some or work is going for others. You just need to gather around and communicate. This will not only be enjoyable but it will also deepen your family bonds.

Clean the House Together

Okay, so cleaning might not be your idea of fun. But when done with a large group of people, it becomes incredibly fun. Not to mention productive. You can make sure everybody has responsibilities to fulfill. Make some members do the organizing while making others in charge of cleaning duties. This activity can be both fun and interactive. There’s also a good chance that while cleaning, you will find old things that will bring back memories and encourage all of you to talk and reminisce. So, don’t take this one lightly. It can be very important in bringing your family closer.

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