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Videos for Babies as a Learning Tool
– Does It Work?

As you can see, the top-grossing YouTube videos for kids are generating billions of videos on online videos for babies, and also raising some talking points for developmental experts and parents. Over the last few years, YouTube has emerged as one top alternative to the traditional kid's TV channels, or we can say these two are merging now to set open new ways of kid's entertainment.

Impact of advertisement

One major point raised by the critics of YouTube is that this tempts kids to see the videos, and the company starts to identify toddlers as their next target group. In fact, YouTube Kids, as an app, is trying to catch up more with the behavioral patterns of the children who view the videos and better adapt to their needs.

Statistics show the fact that the top 20 YouTube channels with videos for babies now gross about 5.2 billion views on a monthly average, ranging from the LittleBabyBum with about 428.5 million to Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs grossing nearly 164.7 million, etc.

So, quite naturally, YouTube as a service provider is only reacting to the fact that there are tens of millions of kids already watching their videos. So, as per the official spokesperson of YouTube, they are trying to avoid the kids seeing any inappropriate videos and also advertisements and with a dedicated channel, trying to prevent kids getting exposed to a vulnerable comment section underneath the videos.

As a dedicated app for kids, YouTube Kids now bars any ads which are not child-friendly and also uses customized algorithms to remove any inappropriate videos which are toxic to kids. The app also puts forth a flagging system with which the parents can report videos and help improve the efficacy of the videos.

Some of the best YouTube channels with kids videos:

  1. LittleBabyBum
    This has many of the top nursery rhyme videos with colorful and engaging 3D animation in high definition. There are new videos added every week and also frequent compilations.
  2. BabyFirst Learn Colors, ABCs, Rhymes & More
    The videos help preschoolers to learn about everything under the sun, from alphabets to numbers, animals, shapes, colors, and also many rhymes.
  3. Best Baby Lullabies
    You can find the top music videos for toddlers to help the baby's sleep with the world's best lullabies. This is a wonderful channel for brothers to find the best lullabies their kids may like.
  4. Dave and Ava
    It has a fine collection of baby songs and nursery rhymes. It consists of an animated series of videos which is made for young children from age one to six. The videos feature a boy named Dave dressed as a puppy, and a girl named Ava dressed as a kitten and their friends.

We can see that the phrase "digital babysitting" now pops up regularly to describe children on YouTube. This, however, is used often by experts as a criticism of those whose parents who leave their children freely on YouTube.

However, this argument is not fully true. First of all, even when children spend an hour watching the YouTube a day, there is plenty of time left for them to read books, ride their bikes, draw, play with friends, and also spend time with parents for face-to-face interactions which are all are important for the development of kids.

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