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Top Hacks for Travel Moms and Their Newborns

Top Hacks

By Elizabeth Barletta

Traveling with kids has to be one of the most challenging things to do, especially if you have more than one. You have to pack for them and yourself, which can be exhausting, but it makes the journey more bearable. Although there is so much to do when traveling with infants, it becomes easy when you are organized and follow useful tips.

Useful Baby Hacks to Make Life Easier

The following travel hacks will help you to have a smooth journey when traveling with an infant. They work even when traveling with several kids.

  • Keep Milk and Other Essentials Together
    Put all baby liquids such as water, infant formula, and water bottles in one package. You can even fold your best pumping bra there. Airport security will scan this bag; however, if you carry liquids in non-transparent bottles, they have to be tested. These bottles consist of stainless steel and insulated cups. One of the best 2019 baby hacks is to carry a frozen water bottle that needs no testing and also can be used as an icepack.
  • Baby Wraps
    If you are not a fan of baby carriers, you can use a baby wrap. You can also learn how to do a wrap in simple steps. They are not only affordable but keep the infant safe. The good news is that you can even carry a newborn using this device. It gives both you and the baby comfort as the wrap does not put pressure on any body part when appropriately used.
  • Join the Family Queue
    If the airport has a family line, join it; this is among the most useful life hacks for moms with babies. The airport security will attend to you because they know that it can take a few days for you to secure diaper bags, blankets, and shoes from the plastic bins. Security doesn’t mind delaying others to attend to you, and the best part is that this line moves fast.
  • Useful Muslin Blankets
    What do you do when there is no highchair provided? When touring with an infant by plane, traveling with infant hacks can solve such problems. If there is no highchair, use your muslin blanket to secure the baby to the regular chair. This works the same way you tie the baby in restaurants.
  • Reusable Bags
    Why would you need reusable bags? One of the new mom life hacks you will love is always to carry reusable bags when traveling, especially with kids. You get extra space to put items you buy during the vacation. However, the most important benefit is that you can put wet or dirty clothes in them without mixing with the clean ones.
  • Nighttime Newborn Hacks
    What nighttime newborn hacks would you give a new mom? Many parents worry about getting their babies to sleep while traveling. When sharing a guest room in a hotel, use a muslin blanket to cover your baby’s crib to prevent him from seeing you. This prevents the newborn from crying, and he/she is likely to go back to sleep. To prevent the toddler from falling out of bed, roll up some clothes, and place them on edge. You can also use several pillows or even a stuffed liner bag.
  • Small Stroller
    You can purchase a small stroller rather than packing a double one. Use the basket for your regular stroller to carry the small one. Small devices are convenient because they can fit below airplane seats or in the overhead carriage. Ensure it has a snack tray. This makes it easy to feed the baby as you wander around.

    The best baby hacks to make life easier is always to carry a baby stroller. It is also useful to put a light baby travel car seat on the canopy. If the latter cannot hold the weight, put it in the stroller seat. With this in mind, if you are considering investing in a new car seat for your baby, doing some research online first is strongly recommended. As this baby gear blog article by Nuna explains, there are some brilliant car seat options out there, so be sure to compare a few different seats and compile a shortlist of your favorite makes and models.

  • Baby Wipes
    Baby wipes are required for cleaning your baby’s hands, face, spills, but you can also use them when flying. Wipe surfaces, such as armrests, trays, and screens to keep the baby away from dirt. Although these are not disinfectants, they do half the work.
Top Hacks


Many new moms dread traveling with a newborn because of all the activities involved. You have to pack for 2 people and ensure that the baby is comfortable throughout the journey. If you find yourself in this situation, relax and follow the above hacks for a smooth trip. Remember to take enough clothes, snacks, and liquids to nourish your baby.

ElizAbout the Author:
Hi, I am Eliz! I am a mother, writing for the living and pleasure in I am a frequent traveler with 2 kids. My check-in list counts more than 13 countries, and it is only just beginning. Previously, it was quite difficult for me to handle the kids with varying weather conditions that they were prone to while traveling. Now, I know the appropriate gear for both mother and baby that comforts them the most.
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