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Simple Tips for Satisfying Your Teething Baby

Satisfying Your Teething Baby

Babies bring so much joy to our lives, with all the laughing, playing, smiling, but what you find out you're not really prepared for is when teething happens. The long days, sleepless nights, the stress if your baby is okay. So, finally, here are a few tips that could help relieve some of the rough obstacles.

Wet Cloth

The best gentle way to use a wet cloth for a teething baby is to freeze them. Then, when the baby chews on it, the cold temperature helps with the inflammation and irritation they are experiencing, especially if they have a temperature; this helps cool their body down.

Teething rings & Toys

There are so many options to be used to help. Some have bumps or have water in them to help with the pressure of the baby gnawing on them. They're the perfect size for their hands to hold them on their own and easy for them to pick up. You can also make your own teething toys at home by squeezing water into a pacifier and freezing it. Personally, I get mine online from CMC Gold, and all my kids have loved the teething products I have purchased from there. However, if you’re not into online shopping, you should be able to find teething rings and toys at your local market.


Check with your pediatrician first. Often when babies are teething, they get fevers and become sick. To help break the fever, use the right amount that they specify for your baby's weight, and make sure to give it at the right time frames. This will help calm your baby down and ease their irritation.

Rub Gums With A Clean Finger

Make sure your hands are clean before you let your baby start gnawing on them. By applying pressure inside your baby's gums, this will help them feel relieved from some of the inflammation and keeping their mouths moist.

Teething Gloves

Since babies love putting objects in their mouths, they have teething gloves for their use only. By getting them teething gloves, they can wear them and chew on them all throughout the day. It makes it easier with these for when they are in their play pin, long car rides, or just hanging out to be able to chew on their hands without hurting themselves.

Teething Necklaces

Babies always want to be held, especially when they are teething. They need that comfort, and when you are on the go, cleaning, cooking dinner, or doing something to where you can't be sitting down at that exact moment, the teething necklaces they have are amazing. You wear them, and your baby can just chew and find comfort by still being held by you and soothing their gums at the same time.

Orajel/ Teething Tablets

Put some Orajel on your finger and rub where the gums are irritated. Not only will it numb their gums, but also your finger will soothe them. Teething Tablets dissolve in their mouth when you give them one, so you don't have to be concerned about them choking. They will also numb and bring some relief to their mouths.

Frozen Food

You can freeze vegetables. Celery sticks, sliced cucumbers, bananas, grapes, blueberries, yogurt. Almost anything you feed your baby can freeze, and it will help so much.

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