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7 Tips for Introducing Your Kids to Camping

Camping is a wonderful way to stay in and feel the quietude of nature. Far from the maddening crowd and away from the hustle-bustle of urban life, camping brings a fresh effect in our lives, kids are no exception to this delight. But you cannot expect them to get accustomed to a camper’s life at one go!

If you love camping, and you have kid(s) in your family, you have the added responsibility to introduce then to the camping experience. Well, it cannot be an overnight process, you need to go slow and acquaint your kid to this outdoor ecstasy gradually.

You may try these below suggested ways to make your kid familiarized to the camping life. Believe me, it will be fun to see your kid enjoying the outdoor experience exactly as you do!

Involve them in camping activity/chore

Involve your kid in the camping chore. There are many activities that kids can take part in, like helping adults in fixing the tent, carrying utensils at the cooking spot, etc. They can check out the camp marketing. More they will get involved in the camping activities, more they will love the camping binge.

If your kids are in their teen, you can involve his/her in making a sleeping arrangement, in serving food, or in chopping fruits and veggies. Involving teenagers in group activities will make them more interested in camping programs.

Make them interested in nature and wildlife

Introducing Your Kids to Camping

Love for staying in the midst of nature and wildlife is one of the main advantages of camping programs. Allow your kids to enjoy the nearness of nature so that he/she can enjoy the uniqueness of this program. Take your kids to bird watching or simply strolling in woods.

You may indulge cycling, or swimming in local water bodies if it is safe. Enjoying the serenity of nature will make them more inclined to the wildlife and they will start loving camping gradually.

Explain the importance of maintaining safety

Camping is like en exiting ecstasy but you have to be safe in all the ways. In order to introduce your kid to camping, allow him/her to understand the importance of staying safe. Camping is an open-air program and you have to maintain some protocols to stay safe.

Explain your kids the norms he/she needs to maintain while enjoying this outside excursion and also explain the safety protocol applicable for the current destination.

However, ask them to:

  • Not to move here and there alone
  • Not to attempt to swim without letting the guardians know about the program
  • Staying away from the fire is a mandate
  • Not to pluck/eat any unknown fruits/flower

Allow them to eat like others while camping

Introducing Your Kids to Camping

One of the main issues kids find challenging is the food issue while camping. Camp-food menus are often simple and not as the food menus served at home. If you want to familiarize your kids in the camper food style, practice the simple menu often at home.

In this way, their taste buds will get to know the food taste they will get to eat while joining a camp. Once they will get to eat simple grilled, fried, or readymade foods, camping will be obvious fun for them. However, use the best camping cookware for cooking healthy food.

Teach them to maintain personal hygiene when enjoying outdoor

Maintaining personal hygiene for the kids and teenagers is often a challenge, especially those who are accustomed to urban toilet style. Teach them how to stay fresh during camping without spoiling the surrounding and pureness of the ambiance.

If your kids feel at ease in maintaining personal hygiene during camping, he/she will get familiarized to camping habit faster.

Run a trial on sleeping in the tent and maintain a few tent-sleep rules

Introducing Your Kids to Camping

Sleeping at night has to be comfortable for kids because they sleep in a comfortable ambiance at night at home. Napping arrangement in camping is not like a usual bed style sleep. Allow your kids to nap in sleeping bags and stay safe.

Developing a sleeping habit in a tent is another way to introduce your kids to the camping spree. Try sleeping in a tent often at home.

Allow them to learn responsibility to wildlife

Always teach your children to love nature and to keep nature clean and uncluttered as much as possible. Teaching to behave responsibly to wildlife is a passive way to introduce your kid to camping.

These are the suggested ways to introduce your kids to camp out: once your kids will be at ease at camping habit, they will love to join all camping programs you arrange.

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