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Things to Consider That Surrogate Mother Must Have

Finding a surrogate mother may be an expensive process if someone wants to increase the family by surrogacy. This method is used by celebrities mostly. People are turning towards surrogacy, as the technology advances. 

It is the possible option for couples, suffering from any medical problem. A surrogate mother could be hired for a woman, if she has any medical issue. An agency can help you in the process. Commonly leihmutter kosten is used to hire surrogates in Ukraine. Surrogacy is a legal in several European countries: UK, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland and Czech Republic. Leihmutterschaft in tschechien is recommended for single people. Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal prohibit surrogacy fully. Read more about leihmutterschaft in Europa.

To hire a surrogate following few points must be considered first. It is also legal to advertise for a surrogate in some countries. A surrogate could also be found by social contacts or by contacting a professional database of surrogate mothers.

Women’s health

Choose a woman as a surrogate, with good health. She must be fit physically and mentally. Make sure to have pre-screening medical to check her energy level, blood circulation, endurance and mental fitness. Choose one with no chronic disease like heart problem, diabetes, a good hormonal system and all.

A surrogate must undergo a proper medical screening process to examine whether she is physically ready or not for the surrogacy process. This medical screening may include the saline sonograms, blood tests and more

She must not have prior case of any miscarriage, labor, premature delivery or stillbirth.

Life style

She must be addicted to tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, drug misuse or something alike, because eventually it may impact the baby’s health. These bad habits may cause problems for children.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may cause problems in a child's development. From the mother’s blood, it enters into the fetal bloodstream. So, a surrogate mother must not be a cigarette smoker or drug addict. Else, it may cause defects in the baby's health and growth. Child may suffer with different complexities like, underweight, short in height or abnormal nervous system.


25 to 40 years is an ideal age for a surrogate mother. Labor, premature delivery, ectopic pregnancy and premature placental detachment may be caused in a woman below 21 years.

Psychological stability

Make sure to undergo some psychological tests too, before choosing a woman as a surrogate mother. Psychological disorders may cause complications in children too. Mood swings, causes feelings of sadness and loss of interest. Mostly women undergo this situation during pregnancy. Poor social support, unintended pregnancy, anxiety, life stress and history of depression are the major factors for depression in a woman during pregnancy. It may leads to drug addiction, smoking and thought of suicide in her.

Cost of surrogate mother

Cost of the surrogacy may be different depending on the different factors involved. The cost also depends upon the individual agreements.


Carefully choose a woman to be a surrogate mother. She must be physically and mentally fit. This is inevitable to have a healthy child. Make sure to take her to the doctor for regular checkups and treatment.

Medical experts have many concerns about the medical health of the surrogate mother. It is also important to know all the laws, for those who are looking after the surrogate mother during pregnancy tenure.

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