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10 Things Every Parent Should Know Before Taking Their Child to Their First Concert

Going to a concert with your child can be an unforgettable experience that creates lasting memories. However, it can also be a bit daunting, especially if it's your child's first time attending a concert. If you're feeling unsure about what to expect, don't worry! We've got you covered. In this article, we've put together ten helpful tips to make sure you and your child are fully prepared for the big day. With these tips, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the concert, and your child will have a fantastic time too. So, let's get started!

1. Choose the right concert

When choosing a concert for your child's first experience, consider their age, interests, and comfort level. Choose an artist or band that they're familiar with and enjoy listening to. It's also important to make sure the concert is appropriate for their age. Some concerts may be too loud or intense for young children, so do your research and choose accordingly.

2. Plan ahead

Planning ahead is key to ensuring a stress-free experience. Buy tickets in advance to avoid disappointment and plan transportation and parking ahead of time. Arrive early to the event to avoid crowds and give yourself plenty of time to find your seats.

3. Set expectations

Before the concert, talk to your child about what to expect. Explain that concerts can be loud and crowded, and let them know what the schedule for the evening will be. It's also a good idea to discuss appropriate behavior during the event, such as staying seated or standing in designated areas and respecting other attendees. Lastly make sure you tell them about where to meet if you get separated or where to go if they need help for whatever reason.

4. Bring earplugs

Concerts can be loud, and it's important to protect your child's hearing. Bring earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones to help dampen the sound. Make sure they fit properly and are comfortable to wear for the duration of the concert.

5. Dress appropriately

Comfort is key when attending a concert, especially for children. Choose comfortable clothing and shoes that your child can move around in easily. Layers are also a good idea, as the temperature inside the venue can fluctuate. Respect their desire to dress for expression with a balance of comfort and usability

6. Pack snacks and water

Concerts can be long, and your child may get hungry or thirsty during the event. Bring plenty of water and healthy snacks to keep them energised throughout the evening. Check the venue's policy on outside food and drink before packing your bag.

7. Consider seating arrangements

When buying tickets, consider seating arrangements that are appropriate for your child's age and comfort level. Some venues offer standing room only, while others have assigned seats. Consider the size of the venue and the type of concert when choosing your seats.

8. Teach concert etiquette

Concerts can be crowded, and it's important to teach your child appropriate behaviour during the event. Discuss the importance of staying in designated areas, avoiding pushing or shoving, and respecting other attendees. You can also teach your child about concert etiquette, such as cheering during the performance and dancing while being respectful of those around you.

9. Have a backup plan

In case of an emergency or if your child becomes uncomfortable during the concert, have a backup plan in place to leave the event early. Make sure you know the exits and have a meeting place outside the venue in case you get separated.

10. Use a trusted ticket resale site

Use a trusted resale site if you can’t find your tickets for sale with the original ticket seller. We recommend Tixel as it verifies the authenticity of all tickets sold on its platform, ensuring you get genuine tickets at fair prices. Tixel also has a commitment to fairness and transparency, making it the best ticket resale site in the market. 

Real life example

Tom had always wanted to take his daughter to her first concert, and after much research and planning, he felt confident and prepared to give her a memorable experience. While they missed the presale and it had sold out he didn’t worry. He used Tixel, to ensure that they had genuine tickets at a fair price. He had chosen a concert that was appropriate for her age and interests and had bought the tickets with confidence.

On the day of the event, he made sure they arrived early to avoid crowds and to find their seats comfortably. Before the concert, he talked to his daughter about what to expect and set expectations for appropriate behaviour. He even brought earplugs to protect her hearing and packed plenty of water and healthy snacks to keep her energized throughout the evening. Tom had chosen seats that were comfortable for his daughter, and he taught her about concert etiquette, such as cheering during the performance while being respectful of those around them. Lastly, Tom had a backup plan in place in case of an emergency or if his daughter became uncomfortable during the concert. The concert was a success, and Tom and his daughter left with unforgettable memories.

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