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Surrogacy Proposals in the Reproductive Medical Sphere: Where Are the Best Benefits?

Surrogacy can turn your life 360 degrees. 

The unique opportunity to become parents is possible with the newest technologies that are provided on a medical market. 

ADONIS Fertility International is an International Department of ADONIS Medical Group of Companies. It is located in Colorado Springs, USA for the additional comfort of clients who are currently unable to come to Ukraine for consultation or presentation, for example. 

ADONIS Fertility International can offer the following outlines you can benefit from:

  • Experience
    Working on a basis of professional approach to each case we combine it with long-term experience of every doctor and specialist you are cooperating with. More than 23 years of medical processes in Ukraine speak for themselves. ADONIS consultation center in Colorado Springs is not lagging behind.
  • Openness
    ADONIS team of professionals is always open for communication and is flexible in terms and conditions. Every treatment plan can be adjusted according to the patient's test results and health state.
  • Innovation
    ADONIS team steps in the century of medical development with the latest techniques and medical processes. Embryo laboratory, Surrogate selection, Neonatology, Stem cell treatment and many many others.
  • Affordability
    The crucial aspect of price formation is well-developed and well calculated for every package. ADONIS ensures the best affordable cost for the most filled medical programs (especially when comparing with Surrogacy proposals in Spain, Greece or Canada).
  • Accessibility
    ADONIS support is working 24/7 hours. We are in your time zone and ready to answer the questions immediately. Fill in a simple form on a website and we will reach you within minutes.

Surrogacy - an unbelievable world of happiness

Surrogacy as a medical service can be defined in the following determination:

Surrogacy is a kind of reproductive technology with 3 essential persons involved in the conception - the genetic father (provider of a sperm for fertilization), the genetic mother (provider of an egg for fertilization) and the Surrogate mother who carries and give a birth to a baby who is not genetically connected to her.

In case of severe fertility problems in one of the intended parents, it is possible to use a genetic material donor. Please, pay your special attention, that according to Ukrainian law, at least one of the intended parents must have a genetic connection with the future child

ADONIS Surrogacy Department include several Surrogate packages for choice: 

  • Program for standard Surrogacy
  • Program for Surrogacy with Egg or Sperm Donation
  • Program for Surrogacy with cryopreserved genetic material

And many other additional services which will prove the total health of your future baby:

  • Physiological IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (PICSI)
  • Preimplantation genetic screening with diagnostic
  • Testicular sperm extraction (TESE)
  • Assisted hatching
  • Full diagnostic before Surrogacy Program start

ADONIS Fertility International will be your right choice when you step on the crucial road of infertility treatment. 

Whenever you are - USA or Canada, our high-qualitative managers are always ready to help you with consultation, registration for the Program and its successful start. 

ADONIS Fertility International in Colorado Springs, USA - we are your chance for healthy procreation.

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