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How to Shop for Your Toddler Boy

Shop for Your Toddler Boy

All moms can agree that our little boys grow up way too fast. We definitely want to cherish and enjoy the precious, early moments that are gone in the blink of an eye. One of our favorite things to do is to dress them up in cute boy outfits!

Let’s face it – dressing our boys is a luxury we have only for the first few years, and this phase goes by the quickest. Being a mom is hard enough, so to help you enjoy this fabulous fun phase we have a few suggestions on how to shop for your toddler boy.

Mini You

There is nothing cuter than matching mommy and me outfits! PixieLane makes matching casual clothing sets for mother and son in their wonderful Mommy & Me section. With colorful and comfortable styles sure to please any individual mom’s taste, any choice pairs well with the toddler boy’s version.

This is the time to show off your “mini-me” in an all colorful splendor! With cute little boy outfits that match mommy, you will form an even deeper connection with the little one. He will recognize that his outfit looks just like mom’s for instant bonding.

Not to mention, cute boy outfits are an opportunity for endless activities with your child. You can create photos with multiple outfit combinations and share with close family and friends. Save the precious moments for future projects and gifts – a look back at these memories will be priceless.

Since our little boys will only want to dress like mom for a short phase in their lives, you may as well make the most of it and go for matching mommy and me outfits! The photos and memories will last a lifetime, long after your toddler boy has outgrown the clothes.

Mini He

As a mom, you know that your toddler boy will quickly form his own opinions about what he likes and doesn’t like to wear. No doubt he will be expressive of those opinions loud and clear! By making fashion choices himself, your toddler boy is growing into his “mini he.”

Now of course, your toddler boy can’t go into the store and “choose” what he wants to wear as easily as his mother can. By starting off with matching mommy and me styles, your child has a foundation to build on to start adding his own tastes, expressed via the outfits he likes to wear.

A toddler boy choosing his own prints and colors, often modeled from your early influence, starts to form his interests. He may choose a dinosaur print, or prefer colorful hues over a dark camo option. Whatever fashion choices a toddler boy makes, helps his development. And some people think it’s just a whim when a child starts to choose his own clothing! Good luck getting that sweater that Grandma knitted on if the child doesn’t want to wear it.

Cute boy outfits that are already matching sets, definitely make life easier for mom. If he likes a sporty look or a space look, all mom has to do is grab and go with pre-matching top/pants pairs made by a company like PixieLane. There is never a need to worry about the latest “fashion” trend for toddlers either – you can trust these sets are keeping up with the fashion hype.

Being a new mom is a tough job, and shopping for clothing is no exception. Mothers know there are much more important things than staying in “fashion” when it comes to preparing and raising their toddlers. They also know however, that clothing phases are actually critical to their child’s development. When a child enters the toddler phase, one of the ways they can bond with their mother is by wearing matching outfits.

Not only does dressing your young toddler boy up as a “mini-me” help his development and bond with you, but can create some great memories! Children grow up so fast in the early years, the photos and memories that will be created with matching outfits will last a lifetime!

More importantly, a toddler’s identity is helped to form during these years, and that includes their choices in clothing. Although a toddler doesn’t choose his cute boy outfit in the traditional sense, they will form a strong opinion early on about what they like and don’t like.

A company like PixieLane makes clothing shopping for your toddler boy easy to stay on trend with quality and comfort. There’s even a bonus perk – PixieLane was founded by mothers for mothers, and gives us all an opportunity to be our own boss! Reaching far beyond cute apparel, PixieLane’s matching outfits for mom and son are a sure winner, along with options that stay current and still allow for your child’s individuality.

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