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Reasons to Limit the Use of Screens in Children and Adolescents

Limit the Use of Screens

Several articles have commented on the numerous disadvantages of using mobile phones and consoles for children and adolescents. This time, want to provide an image with six reasons that we cannot forget to help parents limit the use of these devices by their children.

The Tips Are as Follows:

It Limits Your Ability to Relate Interpersonally

It is clear that if the boy or girl is playing a video game or looking at photos on Instagram, she cannot be developing her social skills with other people. This can produce isolation that can lead to depressive and anxious symptoms.

Alter Your Rest Cycle

In any activity that we do through a screen (play, chat, record videos, look at photos, read, etc.) the number of visual stimuli will be significantly higher than the world around us. In addition, electronic devices often emit a type of light (blue light) that hinders the release of the hormone melatonin and thus makes it difficult to fall asleep. For this reason, screens often cause insomnia.

Promotes Sedentary Lifestyle and Obesity

The activities that we do through screens always imply that we are sitting down. The only things we have to move are the eyes and fingers. This means that children do not release energy by moving, that they do not develop their muscles and their cardiorespiratory capacities, etc.

Limits the Development of Creativity and Imagination

This depends a bit on the activity that boys and girls usually do through the devices. However, they often play pre-given games and have no dull moments to give free rein to their imaginations.

It Competes Directly With Communication and Literacy

That is completely true. Although in some video games boys and girls must talk to each other, in most they play alone and are quiet. Consequently, when children are with the devices, they lose time reading, writing, talking to someone, etc.

Promotes the Development of Addictive Behaviors

Screens in general are addicting, that is, time flies by and you don't realize how many hours you've been playing/looking at instagram/looking at tiktoks, etc. Thus, you never see the moment to finish and start doing something else. This difficulty to stop in some boys and girls becomes physical and verbal aggressiveness.

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