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5 Tips for Raising Kids Who Love to Read

You can never start too early or continue for too long!

Begin reading with children as soon as they are born. This provides an excellent bonding experience between baby and caregiver and creates a positive feeling surrounding the reading of books. Having this positive connection with books and reading will help encourage them to continue reading as they grow, which in turn will increase their proficiency. Having amastery of reading and comprehension will prevent reading from becoming a chore, or even worse a punishment. This will be especially important as they enter school where reading is required and they risk being left behind or developing anxiety involved with reading.

Model Reading

Want your kids to love reading? Model reading! Read your own books for at least a few minutes a day where your kids can see you. Children learn from their environment and when they see people around them reading, reading becomes the “norm”. Just as you cheer for your favorite football team and your children cheer for them, following you, they will read too! It’s especially important to have reading seen as a positive influence in the household. If it’s seen as a chore the children will see it as a chore, too. Here is a great list of books for for all age groups, pick one up and start reading with your kids!

Visit the Library

Libraries are an amazing free resource and a great place to find new books. Discovering new books unlocks the possibility to find new information, universes, dreams, and exploration for the kids. Not only does it help children expand their horizons mentally it also lets them practice self-governing. Allow kids to get their own library card and learn about responsibility as they keep track of the books that they check out. You can help them by limiting the number of books they check out at a time, having a special library bag to carry books back and forth to the library, and visiting the library regularly.

Create a Reading Nook

One of the easiest ways to encourage children to read is to give them a comfortable, accessible spot where they can read. Let them help design it and craft their cozy reading nook to their liking. This will help continue to build positive associations with reading. Not only that, the autonomy and self direction they are able to exert will build confidence in themselves and in their relationship with you! Your nook will want to be filled with books so they can easily access their reading material at times of their choosing and they should be organized well so the children aren’t distracted by clutter. The area should be well lit, or able to be well lit so children can read the text comfortably. The reading nook should also be comfortable! It’s important to create a space that can be enjoyed and used to the fullest extent. Lots of pillows and cushions and maybe even a reading bench! To add a final touch of fun and coziness you can put a tent over the reading nook. This gives kids their own world in which to escape and read and explore their imagination.

Listen to AudioBooks

Audio books are another great way to have children engaging with literary material. Some families may find it helpful to have children listening to audio books as well as reading printed books. While audiobooks are no substitute for printed books when learning and developing reading proficiency, they can still enrich a child’s learning and imagination. It’s especially important to find an audiobook platform that is appropriate for your child and will be suitable for their age. The Tonie Box and Yoto Player are two great options.

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