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Balancing Working Time and School: Strategies to Accomplish Both Goals Simultaneously

By Jade C. Pulman

Juggling school and work is a common aspect in the modern society. Most of the students in colleges and universities have to take some part-time jobs so that they can supplement the little loan they receive from the government. It is not only students who are working but also employed people who are required to undertake refresher courses or those who have enrolled for further training. The problem is that everything has to happen within the twenty-four hours in a day which brings the concept of time management into play. Here are some strategies that one can implement to handle both education and work as an expert.

Learn To Sacrifice

After working for eight hours trying to balance accounting statements, you deserve to rest and watch your favorite television series after taking a long warm bath. However, given that you have larger life goals, you need to sacrifice the television series and the funny YouTube videos and finish that assignment that has to be submitted in the next lesson. You might consider taking a testosterone booster to enhance your mood so that you can be able to handle that paper for the next three hours deep into the night.

Work Smart

Most of the people working and schooling at the same time have a perception that only working hard will enable them to accomplish their goals on time. There is some truth in it, but you should avoid working harder and instead choose to work smart. To work smart involves studying during the work intervals that you will likely get in the day such as tea or lunch time. You can as well consider recording your lectures so that you can be listening to them when going to work or back home. Towards the exam period, you will realize that you have covered almost everything in the syllabus without putting too much effort.

Learn to Delegate

You might be holding an executive position that requires you to keep in touch with everything that is happening in the company. At the same time, you are required to take your MBA which you handle on part-time. Given that all documents and reports on the company have to pass on your desk for approval, you can consider delegating some of the approval duties to your deputy or a senior employee. Some of the documents that require approval include general company requirements such as office stationery that does not require many skills. By delegating, you will be creating sufficient time to read and handle essential work duties that require your input.

Update Your Employer

It can be difficult for you to work and continue with your education without informing your employer. Informing your employer in advance helps you to get some free time without having to answer some questions of your whereabouts. For example, your employer might require workers to report on a holiday or during the weekend for some few hours. You will be spared because he is aware that you have to go to your classes during such periods. You need to show appreciation by being at the workplace early and working hard to cover for the time lost while at school.

Get Enough Time to Sleep

You might choose to sacrifice the sleeping time so that you can use it to study or carry some work at home. You will be doing yourself a disservice. If you sleep for a few hours, you will be unproductive the following day, and you will not be able to handle either work or study duties. The best thing for you to do is ensure that you get enough time to sleep so that you can be fresh on the following day and execute your duties with ease.

Implementing these strategies will help you to handle the pressure of working while at the same time school in a professional manner. You will be able to accomplish your education and pass well, while at the same time achieving your work duties before deadlines.

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