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Staying True to Yourself After Having Kids

By Jade C. Pulman

Once a woman has children, it is very easy for her entire life to be engulfed with the need to always put her child first. Generally speaking, that is what needs to be done. Children depend on their parents and caregivers to take care of their every need and want. The constant desire to make sure the child is always happy can leave many mothers feeling drained. Oftentimes, women find that they now feel like robots instead of humans. We get on a schedule that constantly involves other people’s needs, and making others happy. How does one find the balance between being a super mom and her own hero? It is actually fairly simple.

Take a Step Back

As a mother, we always need to remind ourselves that in order to care of others, we need to take care of ourselves first. If you ever feel tired or run down, just take a step back. Do not be afraid to ask for help. There have been studies that show if a Mother does not get any time to relax, she can suffer from headaches, depression, heart problems, anxiety, and more. If a spouse is not an option when it comes to getting your break, reach out elsewhere. Leaving your child with someone you aren’t familiar with is scary, but set aside a time to interview the potential babysitter. Do not be afraid to ask for references and certifications. After all, they are taking care of your most prized possession.

Pamper Yourself

In order to feel good, we need to look good. Take the time to pamper yourself. It is mind-blowing how getting your hair done can make you feel like a totally new person. Whether it be a major change or something as small as getting your nails done, set aside the time and money to do it. Feeling fresh and new can boost your mood greatly. Being relaxed can actually improve other health problems, such as lowered blood pressure, reduced muscle tension. It can also improve concentration. A happier mother equals happier children.

Set Personal Goals

Start setting goals for yourself. Becoming and being a mother is life changing, but it doesn’t have to be your entire life. Having something to work towards and for every day can be great for the spirit. No matter the size of the goal or dream just set it. It can be as small as to lose 10 pounds to as big as going back to school. Setting goals can help you dedicate your extra energy to one set task. With a clear and set mind, you will be able to focus on ways to achieve your goal. Improve yourself and give your children something they can be proud of you for.

Improve Yourself

Self-improvement is always a major goal for Mother’s after having children. There will come a time that you look in the mirror and don’t recognize the woman staring back at you. Luckily there are so many programs out there now that are developed to help you improve yourself mentally and physically. Le-Vel Thrive, for example, is an 8-week program that will help you with weight management, joint pain, immune support, and more. In only 8 weeks, you could be back on track to you finding yourself again.

You Are Amazing

Being a mother is hard work. It can be physically and mentally draining sometimes. We just all need to remember that we are our own people outside of motherhood. Don’t allow yourself to feel as though you lost who you are in the process. Never think that becoming a mother made you lose any part of yourself. When you gave birth, you grew in so many ways. Motherhood turns women into such strong, independent, caring, loving, and remarkable women. If you are ever feeling down, pick yourself back up and remember who you are. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are Mom, and you got this.

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