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How to Prepare for Baby's First Christmas

baby christmas

By Elizabeth Barletta

Your baby's first Christmas 2019 is right from the start, a blessed moment that you are lucky enough to experience. After pregnancy and birth, the baby is finally here, in the bright comfort of his new home, and about to witness his first magical holiday, which happens to be all about another glorious birth, that of baby Jesus.

That's why it's essential for you as a parent to make sure your baby's first Christmas 2019 will be an unforgettable moment in his life. And as you browse the web and check out stores for the nicest baby washcloths and the best ornaments and gifts you can find, you also get to rediscover that long-forgotten holiday magic which you so much enjoyed as a child. So without further due, here are some great ideas and guidelines on how to prepare your baby's first Christmas, guaranteed to keep him happy throughout this magical holiday of lights!

Spend the Days before Christmas with Your Baby

Let's not forget that baby has his first Christmas ever, so now it is the perfect time to live Christmas differently, kind of like you used to when you were young. Make sure to spend all the time before it close to your baby, listening to carols and watching cheerful cartoons together. You might even end up discovering new meanings behind this special holiday. It is what makes Christmas such a wonderful and special holiday for babies. And you can bet, these warm fuzzy memories will stick somehow with him.

Set your Priorities this Christmas

Unfortunately, TV commercials and Facebook ads might give you an idealized portrait of a family Christmas, showing you picture-perfect fir trees and gifts, or the most fabulous looking Santa costumes you've ever seen. There's no need to panic. You don't have to get everything picture-perfect for your baby's first Christmas 2019. You don't need to cook the most sophisticated steaks and toast. You need to realize that other things much more important than the image. So, it's no shame to order food for the Christmas meal or to ask the baby's grandparents to come over and help you cook it! What truly counts is the quality time spent with the family and the joyous holiday atmosphere.

Look for Christmas Baby Clothes and Accessories

Memories are one of the essential parts of this special time. You will need a Christmas outfit, preferably for both of you, and take pictures to baby memory books for girls or boys. Look for cute stuff like elf hats in stores, or some reindeer horns and try to imagine the awesome pictures they will make. And this is where the real stress begins, from finding the perfect outfit tcial event, and here is where some great baby's first Christmas gift ideas can help you. For some unforgettable memories, yoo deciding on the baby's first Christmas ornament, you will be in for a lot of shopping time.

Quick Tip: a great idea for a gift is buying the baby's first Christmas onesie, a comfortable clothing item that will always remind him of this holiday.

Get New Christmas Ornaments

baby christmas

And this is such a special time for both of you. You can also test your creativity and come up with new decorations for the tree. If you are the DIY type, it's time to make some personalized fir tree ornaments. You can browse the Internet for great ideas in this direction, too, or you can order personalized balloons with pictures of your baby, special mugs, and magnets.

Quick Tip: angels play an essential part in the Christmas universe. Aside from their symbolic value, they also make elements of décor not just for the tree, but for the house in general. Consider buying angel-shaped cookies and gift wraps and napkins with angel designs.


Whether you like it or not so much, there is no other holiday as magical and joyful as Christmas. However, it will only get as festive as you will make it - so don't expect for the Christmas spirit to pop out from nowhere! Start preparing yourself and your baby early on! Small stuff like the tree ornaments, the gift wraps and special baby wipes, or your baby's first Christmas outfit, are all elements that will bring you in the mood for the winter holidays. Don't go overboard either, pick the most beautiful items you can find and make sure to share all your love with your family and your little one during this exceptional celebration.

About the Author:
Elizabeth is an Atlanta-based content writer and a parenting blogger at Being a mother of two, she absolutely loves being responsible for her children’s joy and is always planning all the holidays in her family.
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