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How to Prep Your Kids for
Their First Computer Glasses

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No one ever chooses to have poor eyesight, especially on small children. Parents can have a pretty difficult time preparing their kids for their first Blue Light Glasses. And with good reason as these glasses have proven to make a significant difference in the kids’ abilities to see and interact with their surrounding environments. However, getting your kids to adjust to wearing their new computer glasses requires a lot of responsibility and dedication from them. Qualities that you, the parent, have to be present to help in. This has even been the cause of conflict for some families as well. You never know. Some kids may not take to wearing new specs. Others may be forgetful when the time comes due to wear the glasses. Whereas, others may simply be too careless to even bother about the glasses and lose or break them.

It is, therefore, upon the parents to also be sensitive about how Blue Light Glasses can affect their children’s self-esteem and possible teasing by peers. Safe to say, there are dozens of reasons why your kids may not take kindly to wearing the glasses. However, you shouldn’t let that bring you down as the parent. After all, the safety of your kids come first; everything else comes after. That said, here are some brilliant ideas you should consider to prep your kids to wear their first Blue Light Glasses.

  1. Ensure that your kids are well rested and are in a good mood before wearing the glasses for the first time. You want your kids to enjoy having the glasses on. Maybe even make fun of them and enjoy having a different look on. You don’t want to choose one of their moody days to drop the Blue Light Glasses bomb on them. If you do this, the chances are that they may not wear them.
  2. Display an encouraging, positive attitude on how your kids look with the glasses on. Remember not to just yap about the importance of having the glasses on. You also want to play out the fact of the new look in a fun kind of way. Tell them whatever you think will get to them and speak to them to want to have the glasses on. If, however, your child picks up that you also don’t like their new look, then you cannot expect them to be willing to put them on.
  3. Let your kids wear their glasses for short periods as they do other enjoyable activities. Say, for example, that your kids are off watching their favorite TV shows or reading favorite books. Having these glasses on can be an especially thrilling and fun experience as your kids also recognize the fun benefits of having their new glasses on.
  4. Ensure that the glasses properly fit your kids and that your kids feel comfortable having them on. You also want to ensure that the style of the glasses are ones that your kids will feel comfortable wearing. You don’t want to have your kids wearing glasses that don’t fit them or keep slipping. Glasses that don’t fit right will also not feel right. As such, even your kids won’t want to put those glasses on. Therefore, ensure that the glasses aren’t too tight or too loose before you can buy them for your kids. Nobody likes wearing anything that they don’t feel comfortable in. And that goes for kids and uncomfortable glasses too.
  5. Do not turn your kids having glasses on into a battle. And neither should you turn it into a nagging experience as your kids wear their Blue Light Glasses. You want to ensure that your kids know just how much seeing is a gift. That’s what makes the entire prepping process a lot easier is ensuring that your kids don’t see wearing the glasses to be like a chore. But turn it into a fun experience that they get to enjoy.
  6. Encourage and praise your kids when they actually do wear their frames. You want to do this, especially until wearing these new glasses becomes second nature to your kids. You never know. Letting your kids feel and believe that they look good in their glasses can sometimes be enough to have them rocking their new glasses. Sometimes, all your kids need is hear praises from you whenever you see them wearing their new glasses.
  7. Make wearing glasses part of your kids’ daily routine. The only way your kids will have their glasses on at all times is by making it a daily routine for them. You want to make it your kids’ routine as the first thing they think about when they wake up in the morning and last before they head to bed.

As the parent, it is also wise that you remember that wearing glasses takes time to adjust to many people, even for the grown-ups. It gets to be even more challenging if you have to see with a new prescription. It is, however, necessary that you teach your kids to be patient and educate them to remember to focus on the gift of seeing. Essentially, you will be teaching them about the importance of how glasses can help enhance their quality of life. In the long run, you, the parent, will appreciate having your kids wear the Blue Light Glasses. A little harshness can sometimes go a long way if you know the results you need. Plus, your kids also won’t regret having the glasses on the moment they learn to reap their benefits.

Final thoughts

It’s not easy having to adjust to wearing new glasses, especially for the kids. What with all the bullying and persecutions your kids can be subjected to by their peers. However, if wearing the glasses is what it takes to save your kids’ eyes, then you should be willing to make that compromise. Better to have your kids’ vision at their best than have to let them strain each time they have to stare at another screen and possibly worsen their vision.

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