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Practical Tips for Parents

Practical Tips for Parents

Spending quality time with your children can sometimes seem like a pipe dream. But not making the effort to spend quality time with them can take a toll on you down the road.

Giving yourself the time to grow your relationship with them is like putting money in the bank. Build strong relationships. Those relationships will help them listen to you when they need advice to make wise decisions or correct them when they're wrong.

In fact, spending quality time with your kids can also be a lot of fun!

Ideas to Favor That Time

Build a Unique Routine

Establish one or more mandatory weekly dinners for all family members. A time in which telephone interruptions or visits from friends will be prohibited. This will give each member an opportunity to talk about her stuff and to listen to each other. You can learn more by visiting

Limit Your Own Use of Technology

Do not settle for the superficial entertainment provided by television, tablet or mobile phone, especially if your child is nearby. Use this time to find ways to connect with and interact with your child.

Plan a Family Activity

There are lots of activities, be creative! You can play board games, go for a walk, play together in the park, do a craft, take a night walk with flashlights, surprise them with a love note in their backpack, tickle them or have a pillow fight!

Encourage them to read. Help them cultivate a love of books and reading. Reading books as a family can inspire imagination and creativity. It also stimulates their curiosity, teaches important lessons and improves concentration. Go to the library, explore the wonderful world of books and select some together. It's super fun!

Become an Active Listener

Talk to your kids about anything they want to talk about. Make an effort to stop what you are doing and really listen to them. Look them in the eye and let them know that you really care about what they are telling you.

Parents, don't wait too long to establish quality time with your children. If we don't, they will find meaningful relationships outside the home, before we even know what has happened. Let's not underestimate the vital importance of making time for our family to be together.

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