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Top 7 Fun Car Road Activities for Kids

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By Scott Pine

Every loving parent wants the best for the kids and for that reason, when you are traveling with your kids, you want them to enjoy every part of the journey. The simplest way to have fun activities for kids as you travel.

For most families, taking a road trip is their chance to bond as a family, site seeing and generally having fun. Pleasing kids and ensuring they have fun while in the car is not as hard as some of us find it. However, you need to understand the activities that your kids enjoy because kids are different and tend to enjoy different activities. These are some of the fun activities for kids that would work for most kids:

  1. Get Them a Sticker Book
    Most kids love peeling stickers from one place and putting them in different places as they deem fit. For example, when you buy them candy that comes with stickers, kids tend to peel the stickers and stick them on different parts of their body. Therefore, buying them the sticker book is a nice parenting approach to ensure that the kids remain happy and calm along the way. For the girls, there is the Moana sticker book while boys will enjoy a superman sticker book.
  2. Travel Journals
    Parents should know how to keep their kids alert during the trip. One of the best ways is teaching them how to keep a travel journal. This is like a diary where the kids record all the amazing things they see, the places they visit and what they learn along the way. This is not only fun but also helps the kids to develop an eye for details a value that is important for everyone including adults.
  3. Get Travel Toys
    Some shops have nice cheap plastic toys that are specially made for travelers. These stores include the Dollar store, Amazon, among others. Buy these toys before the trip and keep them away. Then you can give them to the kids during the trip as a surprise and on condition that they will behave. Playing with the toys is very exciting for the kids and the parents can rest easy.
  4. Play Name Games
    Most kids enjoy playing this game where they say their name followed another person’s name and the other kid has to do the same and pass it on to another person. The catch is, the names are said fast and if you’re not careful, you might miss it. When someone loses, they are made to either sing or dance. It is one of the best games for kids, and it also involves the parents. According to some family travelers, ‘this game brings life into the car’ because in several minutes, the car will be filled with giggles and laughter especially when someone fails and they watch him dance.

    As a way to break the monotony, some people play another game known as I Spy. This one involves saying out a name of an object and someone else has to look for it. The object must be in sight though.

  5. Listening to Music
    They say music makes the world go round. Even kids love listening to music. Before you head out for the trip, allow them to select the music they would like to listen to and create their own playlist. This should consist of the music that they enjoy most. As a parent, you end up following the children’s rules. When you play the music during the trip, the kids will be dancing all over and you will have some peace of mind as a parent.
  6. Listening to Audio Books
    Some libraries have books in audio form and they are sold in disks. Get the comic books that your kids like and listen to them during the trip. To make this more fun and interesting, ask the kids some questions and reward them for each right answer. This ensures that they listen attentively. This activity has all-round benefits which include, the kids sharpen their listening skills, sharpen their retentive memory, and for a while, the back seat has peace and its quiet. Parents can understand the value of such silence.
  7. Coloring
    90% of kids enjoy coloring. Get the water wow coloring book which comes with a pen which is filled with water and when the water is placed on the pictures in the books, they become colored. Most kids call it magic but we all know what it is. This can keep your child busy for a while.

    You can also get the ordinary coloring book and a packet of crayons and the kids draw all the interesting stuff they have in mind. This is cheaper and equally interesting.

You don’t have to leave the kids behind whenever you’re traveling. With several simple tricks, you are sorted. However, caring for kids even when on a trip, it is important to keep a close eye on them so that they don’t injure each other or themselves. Remember to have their seat belts fastened and carry a first aid kit just in case. Now go out and enjoy the trip as a family.

Which of these tips have worked for you? Share your experiences with us!

Scott Pine About the Author:
Scott Pine is a team building coach in the social marketing sphere, expert in life insurance company, traveler and car lover. He lives in Dallas with his wife and two little songs. Follow him on Twitter.
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