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How Can Parents Help Prevent
Depression In Children?

Prevent depression

By Torrie Wilson

Parents play an integral role in the life of children. They are the first teachers and play their part as a role model for young minds. With the mental ailment of depression captivating the world in its claws, young teens must learn to deal with it. In this scenario, again, parents can do a lot to eliminate such a disorder from the lives of these young minds. Here are some ways they can use to deal with it:

1. By Offering Support and Adding Warmth:

The parent-children relationship is something that stays close to the heart of both parties and has a touch of value and warmth in it. Even there have been surveys and research pieces conducted in this respect that helped in analyzing that even in teenage, parents have a lot to offer to their children. Since parents have a significant role in child development, when children are battling depression, parents can undoubtedly provide a lot of those elements that they feel are missing from their lives. When parents spend a large portion of their lives, maintaining their relationship with their children, they become capable of helping the child open up about his mental state. Plus by providing warmth, support, and comfort, they can help deal with depressive thoughts.

Even though research, it became evident that the parental support reduces the depression markers prominently while peer support is still not able to match that level.

2. By Teaching Strong Interpersonal Skills:

It is quite evident that social and emotional lacking often leads to depression and anxiety. Or there can be some other reasoning to it as well, but it revolves around the issue of not being able to perform socially well and honestly there is always a lot of social pressure to cope. As parents stay close to their children, they can work on developing these social and emotional skills in them and eradicate a cause. If a parent fails to develop these skills in the early years, they can always try again and work slowly and patiently to enable their children blending in this society. Also, it is not enough to teach or lecture them about it. Instead, it is quite necessary to set an example. Children keep notice of how their parents react under a depressive situation. Hence, they must carefully paint out their persona accordingly.

3. By Promoting Positivity in Relationships:

As children are growing up, it gets hard for them to tell which kind of relationship is right for them to seek emotionally. Positive friendship and love relationships serve as a core to eliminating depression from their lives. On the other hand, when an individual gets surrounded by people with negative emotions and toxic traits, they are likely to experience anxiety and depression through the stress they get from there. Hence, parents must promote the fact that a relationship needs to bear positivity. It is another matter of setting an example for young and developing minds. 

4. By Adding Direction and Purpose in Their Lives:

Mostly, growing children are unable to add a sense of purpose in their lives. That makes their academic success entirely pointless for them. When they add a goal in their lives, all the activities and effort becomes meaningful form them, and they stay motivated throughout the time. It is very beneficial for young minds to have a direction as it does not let their self-esteem go low. And even if they do get depressed, they can come out of it more substantial by keeping their goals in mind. We know how severe depression can affect the mental state of a person. According to some research, purpose in life adds a satisfying element in the presence of an individual, and he stays contented no matter the challenge he is going to face.

5. Changing the Environment for Them:

When a person is going through depression, it can be because his surroundings are so monotonous and unhealthy for him. But parents can help in this aspect as well. Parents are responsible for some major decisions of children, especially when they are younger. Hence, if they ever feel like they do not feel fit in the academic environment or some other aspect, they should aim to change it a little for them and help in some systematic changes. Indulge your child in healthier habits and provide him with a better environment than that he has currently. A healthier environment helps in developing better mental and psychological health among individuals. Plus, it is also a kind of support that they offer through their actions. It also allows children to acknowledge that they have a level of support always ready for them. Undoubtedly, good parenting can secure the future of children and create a stable atmosphere that caters to their emotional and social well-being.

Author's Note:
Torrie Wilson is a child development specialist who got her degree from Cardiff University. She is a mother of two and hence has proper and practical insights into this niche. Best Essay Writing Service AU has her on the team for almost nine years now as she was born with exceptional writing skills. Her work in this field is of great value. She further aims to acquire a reputable position in the writing industry.

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