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A Parent’s Guide to Hipp vs Holle Baby Formula

Sometimes, comparing infant foods is difficult. Since all European formula producers like must comply with the same requirements, their products are very similar. This means that the choice often comes down to the brand and how much trust you have in them. HiPP and Holle are two of the oldest formula manufacturers in Europe. They both have a long history of delivering the best quality and value to their customers.

However, there are certain differences between the brands that might make you opt for one or the other. Let’s see what they are.

Baby Formula

HiPP vs Holle: what’s the difference?

  • HiPP formula contains no added sugars. The main and only sugar in this brand’s formulas is lactose. The Holle Formula complements lactose with maltodextrin which is derived from plant-based starches. This component serves as a thickener and is supposed to make the milk more filling.
  • HiPP offers specialized baby foods. There are milks for allergy-prone infants and those with sensitive GIT, no-starch, and anti-reflux products. Holle product variety includes cow-milk-based and goat-milk-based foods.
  • HiPP is one of the few European formulas permitted for sale in the USA. Holle doesn’t have that approval and can only be bought online.

HiPP Infant formula features

Nutrients: includes DHA, pre- and probiotics (except UK formula that only contains GOS prebiotic). Based on organic skimmed milk lactose and contains a number of important vitamins and minerals.

Ages: from 0 and onwards.

Product size: 600 & 800g boxes (in the case of the hipp dutch stage 1 to 3, 800g cans).

Holle infant formula features

Nutrients: contains a short list of Demeter-certified organic biodynamic ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, skimmed milk lactose, and DHA. There are no added sweeteners but formulas contain maltodextrin which is a thickening agent. There’s also a line of products based on goat milk.

Ages: from newborns to toddlers.

Product size: 400g (for Stage 1) and 600 g boxes.

HiPP pros & cons


  • This brand’s products seem to be easier on a baby’s digestive system;
  • 100% natural organic ingredients ensure your baby’s healthy growth and are very close to breastmilk;
  • Great as both an additional feeding option and a 100% breastfeeding alternative;
  • Natural lactose is the only sweetener;
  • Includes Omega-3 fatty acid, prebiotics and probiotics for the stronger immune system;
  • Soy-free;
  • Lots of specialized formula options for infants with special needs.
  • Available for purchase in the USA.


  • Comes with a slightly higher price tag;
  • Includes palm oil and other vegetable oils;
  • Only cow milk-based products.

Holle baby formula pros & cons


  • 100% biodynamic ingredients;
  • Tastes just like breastmilk which makes switching from breastfeeding to formula feeding very easy;
  • Has a taste profile extremely similar to human milk;
  • There’s a line of milks based on goat milk for all ages;
  • No added sugars;
  • Soy-free.


  • Includes palm oil;
  • Might have a higher price compared to other similar products;
  • Doesn’t offer any products for babies with lactose intolerance;

Which is better?

In many respects, HiPP and Holle products are very similar. However, after a closer look, you can notice the differences which may or may not be dealbreakers for you.

It all comes down to what needs and preferences your baby has. If you want a top-quality product for a sensitive digestive system, choose Holle goat milk products. If the inclusion of maltodextrin is a no-no for you, choose HiPP formula. Many parents choose the Hipp Dutch stage 1 version. This baby formula is produced under the strict EU regulations of the and contains the highest quality milk. The latter would also be great in case your little one has special needs.


When choosing your perfect infant formula, take into account your baby’s needs and your pediatrician’s recommendations. Both of the brands mentioned above deliver top-quality natural products that can be great for your child. 

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