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7 Things Your Kid Should Know
Before Starting School

By Aradhana Pandey

Most parents feel nervous and anxious when they send their children to school for the first time. As parents, it is entirely reasonable to ask questions like, ‘Will my kids be alright on their own? Will they be picked on? Will they be able to keep up with the others?’ All you want is your child to comfortably adapt to the new school environment, make friends and enjoy the experience.

So you prepare your little ones for the unexpected things that await them at school. When you equip your child with the fundamental skills, he/she will have the advantage of settling in quickly. Here are the seven things your kid should know before starting school...

1. Basic self-care skills

Skills such as tying shoes, dressing themselves, washing hands, eating, opening or unwrapping food packages are essential for school-going children. Teachers have to look after several children in the class and may not have the chance to check on all of them continually. Knowledge of basic skills can help your child to be independent and confident.

2. Learning to share

One of the most important things that your children should learn is to be emotionally ready for the new things they face in life. As a part of socialization, it is important for the young ones to understand how others feel about their actions. You can prepare your child to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and to be kind towards them. Children will have a pleasant social experience if they learn how to take turns, share and be kind. Teaching children to be emotionally prepared will benefit them later in life as well.

3. Communicating their needs

Communication skills are perhaps the most important of all. Teach your child to communicate in clear terms – they should be able to tell a concerned adult what they need or how they are feeling. You may be able to tell what your child needs but a teacher or guardian may not understand your child as well as you do. So it is essential that they learn to articulate their needs in simple words, early on, so that both your child and the teacher will be comfortable.

4. Listening and following instructions

Children who have difficulty following directions may have a tough time at school. So it is necessary that they learn to be obedient and follow instructions before they head to school. Teach your child to listen and understand instructions early on. Start by asking them to do small tasks such as putting a toy back in its box, picking up a fallen item or helping you out. This habit will prepare your child for following instructions that he/she will receive in school.

5. Manners and etiquette

Children need to be socially ready before they begin school. One of the things they need to learn is to be polite and courteous. Teach your child to say “please” and “thank you,” and introduce table manners and phone etiquette at the same time. Instruct them on how to greet people, elders, and friends in social situations. Tell your child to be non-intrusive when they are at other people’s spaces, even if it is a friend or a relative’s house.

6. Knowing the basic information

Although children are safe and sound in school, as a parent, you may be anxious about potential emergency situations. So, you can teach your child to retain essential information regarding your family. Make sure that your child knows the names of his family members, important phone numbers, and addresses.

7. Foundational skills and knowledge

Besides nursery rhymes, identification of alphabets, numbers, shapes, patterns, and colors are some of the things you can teach your child before their first day at school. Knowledge of these things will give your child an advantage, preparing him/her to have a more relaxed experience of adjustment to a school environment.

When starting a new phase in life, your children need a supportive parent and not an overprotective one who wants to teach them too many things at once. Just equip them with the basic skills and let the school take over from there.

Aradhana Pandey Author Bio:
Aradhana is a writer from India. She covers topics concerning parenting, child nutrition, wellness, health and lifestyle. She has more than 150+ publications from reputable sites like to her credit. Aradhana writes to inspire and motivate people to adopt healthy habits and live a stress-free lifestyle.
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