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Going on a Holiday? Some Important Tips
While Travelling With a Travel Stroller

Travelling, Yipppeee!!! After such a long time.

With borders closed for most of 2020 & 2021 due to Covid 19, I am sure all of you parents are all set to venture out with your little one now.

While there are lots of things you would be preparing to travel with your child, let me tell you as an experienced parent, these 2 things are must haves especially when you are travelling with infants and kids up to a year and half – travel stroller & portable travel crib.

Trust me parents, these 2 things will really ease out your holiday.

In this article I will help you with a few tips on air travel while carrying a travel stroller. Also,there are few pointers on how to select the right travel stroller in case you are yet to buy one. For detailed comparison, pros & cons of top 12 brands there is an interesting article on Hope it helps.

Travel Stroller

Things you need to keep in mind or plan while flying with a travel stroller:

a. Check-in your child’s travel stroller along with your luggage

If you choose to check in your child’s travel stroller along with your luggage then do keep the following pros and cons in mind.

Do remember, if you have a traditional bulky stroller as against travel stroller then you will have no option but to check-in with your luggage. Just a suggestion, pack it up properly – and put a fragile tag.

Further, do check with your airlines before hand if they include a stroller in baggage limit. Most airlines do not include this in a baggage limit, but it’s always good to check with your airlines.

Honestly, I could not find any pros for this type of check-in and personally I have found it more cumbersome because of the following reasons.

  • You may have to carry your child till the time you actually collect your luggage at your destination
  • Your stroller could get damaged as there is no surety generally of the way checked-in baggage gets handled
  • Wait for the travel stroller at the baggage collection is painful in really long journeys

b. Gate Check-in travel stroller

Many parents opt for the gate check-in considering that they can use the travel stroller till they are almost boarding the plane.

Just remember to tag your stroller at security, and collect it at the gate when you land. Many parents forget this step and end up walking out carrying their child.


  • Convenient & hassle free – using the travel stroller till the gate before boarding helps you stay hands free. Chances of damage are comparatively low
  • Collection is at the off-loading area as soon as you land, which is convenient.


  • Can cause delay in case you have a connecting flight. Sometimes the gate checked-in luggage takes time which can cause delays

c. Store in the overhead storage bin of the airline

Most of the travel strollers are compact and foldable, so many parents prefer to take it right into the airplane and place them in the overhead storage area.

You get neat 2-3 fold travel strollers which have carrying straps or even fit into a back pack. Remember to check with the airlines hand luggage terms & conditions .

Suggestion: Fold and place your stroller into bag or in storage position before you enter the plane to avoid inconvenience due to space constrains.


  • You can have the travel stroller at your disposal at all times till you are in the aircraft and also while check-out without any wastage of time
  • Super convenient
  • Helps in enjoying hands free travel as much as possible
  • In case of flight changes too it becomes convenient and does not call delays inboarding a connecting flight


  • Folding some of the travel strollers can be cumbersome within the airplane.

A few things to keep in mind while buying a travel stroller:

The idea to have a convenient travel stroller is to keep you off the load of your child. Further even, the stroller needs to be light for convenience of maneuvering.

Easy to fold & Compact
You do not want to end up with a stroller which is hard to manage, use and store especially when you are travelling. There are a lot of options available in the market which can fold into a compact size to help get stored in small spaces. Moreover,these travel strollers are also easy to carry with the help of built-in straps or a carryon back pack.

Size of the canopy
Size of the canopy matters more if you are travelling outdoors. This is more to safeguard your child from harmful UV rays. However, you also get external fixable canopies to fix onto your travel stroller for the times you are outdoors.

Adjustable seats
A travel stroller needs to be comfortable for your child. A child would get super uncomfortable in case he/she had to sit upright all the time. So adjustable seats make it more convenient for your child even when he/she is sleeping. All you need to do is just pull down the back rest.

Built-in straps or carry case
As mentioned before,many travel strollers come with built-in straps or carry bags making them convenient to store and carry around.

Safety harness
Ensure that your travel strollers meet safety norms and have the required number of safety harnesses, all for your child’s safety.

To sum it:

With a lot of countries now relaxing their travel norms, go ahead and fly abroad for your next holiday.

A travel stroller will definitely help in making your vacation hands free – so that you and your child both can enjoy the holiday. As discussed earlier you should also consider having a portable travel crib as it helps your baby to get a sound sleep in changing environments.

I am sure our various travel stroller check-in suggestions will easy off your airport experience and travel stress.

So, have a great holiday!

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