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A Complete Guide to Newborn Photography

Newborn photography frames a picturesque memory. These portraitures take photography to a whole new level. One week old babies are perfect models who curl up flawlessly for a photo. Whether you're new to taking photos or have been shooting for years, this guide will help you master newborn photos.

The Charm of Newborn Photography:

It’s about capturing the little hands and feet of a few days old babies before they get big. Children grow up too fast and in no time start to demand pocket money and their favorite cookies. The moments are precisely small and it’s always delightful to save them forever. The value of the moment is absolute where a photographer captures their gentle lips and delicate body.

Newborn photography is itself a very responsible task. The safety of the subject is the sole focus of the photographer. They need to prioritize the well being of the baby. Having the parents of the baby around is comforting, as they assist and handle the baby for you. They can help calm the baby besides making them smile for the camera. Along with getting the baby back to sleep. A sleeping baby can be put in the cradle for a perfect crawled up shot along with a few toys and flower pots.

If you are a new photographist then make sure to invest in some types of equipment, to begin with. Number one is of course - the camera. In this article, we have shared a few tips for you to begin your newborn portrait photography business.

Choosing the Best Camera For Portrait Photography:

There’s a lot of different factors to consider while choosing the best camera for portraits.

For newborn photography, you can go with DSLRs as they have a high ISO range. Along with that, they allow lens changing quite easily. A DSLR also offers better resolution, sharpness, and clarity as it uses a large sensor with good processing power.

Mirrorless cameras are also a great choice for portraiture. They capture pictures silently and are also lighter in weight. They are more compact and quick.

Babies can get irritated easily which can ruin the moment and excitement easily. Make sure to select a camera with good sensor and better shutter speed as newborn photography is not as easy as it sounds.

To see a great example of wonderful newborn portraits, check out Laura Jane Studios.

Select the Best Props and Accessories:

To begin with your newborn photography business, there is no need for expensive items. Start with small yet delightful stuff. You don’t need to buy all the props and accessories you can get your hands on.

The secret is, you already own many of these props. Get a little creative to save your time and money.

You might be wondering which beautiful prop you already own. Well, a towel and a couch count. A towel can give different backgrounds besides wrapping the baby in it. Putting up a filter in pictures will make it look more warm and intense.

You can also get a cute and soft-box with flower lace to place the baby in it. And yes, you can put that box on your couch too. Simplicity is the key.

Apart from that, get some extra stuff like diapers and tissues. You never know when any of your clients will need those.

Let’s Begin:

Now to start photographing the newborns after gathering all the required stuff, know that it is going to be challenging. You never know when can the baby get irritated or hungry or just not in the mood to be photographed.

Know that some families will come prepared while some may not. This means you never know how much time will be required for one photoshoot. Make sure to be flexible in regards to this.

Also, be open and adaptable with your clients. They may book you for a photoshoot in October but can ask you to start in September as well. Because not all babies take 40 weeks to be born. That being said, having a newborn’s photoshoot in the first few weeks is necessary as detailed shots of their little hands and feet are important to be captured.

Being cooperative and easy-going will surely help you to expand your business.

Plan Before the Client Arrives:

We all know why bookings are done weeks ago before photoshoots. Its because a photographer requires time to set up the studio a certain way with collecting other stuff if required or ordered by the client.

Planning effectively helps in photoshoots and for them to be successful. Make sure to have waterproof sheets in stock as well as pee pads to protect your items. In this way, the shoot will go smoothly and it will not create panic for you or your clients.

Advantages of Having Newborns as Your Models:

Newborns are the perfect models for a photoshoot as they sleep a lot. They stay the way you place them as they hardly move while sleeping. They might stretch and yawn but that could also be captured wonderfully.

Apart from that, they are both your best and worst clients. A baby who smiles in his sleep takes away all the worries. And that moment, if captured, is the most unique one. This means being the best client.

Moreover, they are the ones who need a lot of attention and proper safety. We see pictures where newborns look completely on their own but that just happens before a single click, and a mother is always there to look after the baby.

Few Tips to Get the Perfect Shot:

To get the perfect shot you will need to prepare and gather stuff. For example, a flower wreath shot will require a frame made of flowers.

Apart from that, get the best baby fabric with cute colors, good texture, and different patterns. Wrapping the baby in a lightweight cotton wraps allows the shape of the baby to show which gives an intense and delicate look in photographs.

Avoid Mistakes:

Before you begin with your business, we would like to advise our new photographers to avoid getting stressed in the process. Getting a perfect shot is remarkable but be sure and confident that all your shots are unique and different on their own yet alone perfect.

Stressing over will not help you in any way. It will result in making your client uncomfortable and you can also make some mistakes after getting nervous.

Just apply your knowledge and don't put pressure on yourself.

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