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- Car Seat Buying Guide

Car Seat Buying Guide

As a parent, you may need to acquire car seats (Do Follow) to enable your child to travel comfortably. Choosing a car seat might be hectic to some extent considering you also need to part with a significant amount of money in the process.

Some of the factors to consider as you acquire car seats include:

1. Acquire a Convertible Car Seat

There are two types of car seats that you can choose for your child. There is a convertible and a rear-facing seat for infants. As a new parent, you’ll be lucky if you won’t have to purchase a new car seat in the first two years. If you want to save money, you should opt for the convertible car seat, considering it will last long as your child grows further. Also, the safety of your child is guaranteed. The only issue is that you cannot take the convertible seat in and out of the car, unlike the infant seat.

2. Choose a Seat that’s Easy to Clean

If the car seat is made of smooth fabric, it will be easy to clean compared to the textured fabric. This factor focuses on cleanliness and not safety.

3. If You Want to Save, Acquire a Car Seat Stroller

A convertible seat will allow you to save a significant sum of money. However, the ability to carry your child on the infant seat is also a factor that many parents usually consider. To make things easy on your end, you should acquire a travel system that comprises a stroller and an infant seat. The two items are sold together at subsidized prices.

4. Consider the Amount of Room in Your Car

The car seat sizes usually vary. When driving a small car, you should acquire a fitting car seat. For starters, you should measure the space in your car while keeping in mind there should be some space left for the passengers. You should be confident enough that there is enough space for the baby and car seat.

5. Consider the Portability Factor

Some parents will acquire a car seat and ensure it has been left in place for the next few years as long as the baby is using it. The only issue, in this case, is that there are parents who need a more portable option. In such an instance, you can go ahead and acquire a compatible stroller.

For the parents who plan to move with the car seat a lot, it is advisable to acquire one that has a handle that is ergonomically designed. The car seat will weigh at least 10 pounds when the weight of the baby is not included.

6. Consider the Amount of Time You Plan to Use the Seat

In terms of safety, the best option is the rear-facing seats. If your budget and space are a concern, you should invest in a convertible car seat, considering you can use it for long. Some of these car seats also offer the rear-facing option.

7. Consider the Number of Car Seats You Need

As a couple, you may have more than one car, which means you’ll need a car seat for each car. Depending on your coordination and schedules, you can acquire one seat, and it can be alternated from one car to the other. In such an instance, you should acquire a car seat that is easy to install.

As a newborn parent, you need to consider each of these factors to get the right car seat!

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