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Everything You Need to Know about Natural Diapers

Natural Diapers

Navigating parenthood can be about as tricky as making it through a labyrinth. Not only are there mountains and mountains of information out there on parenting principles, best practices, and current trends to weave through, but there are also hard decisions to make. One such decision is the type of diaper to put your newest little family member in. This may seem like it should be an easy decision. A no-brainer, even. However, with the various types of diapers and continually evolving diaper-technology, this is a bigger decision than it may seem on the surface.

One reason the diaper-decision is such a hot conversation topic is because the implications extend beyond the confines of a single family or household. Rather, the type of diaper you choose to rely on can have a major environmental impact. There are many categories of diapers to consider. However, the two major players are cloth diapers and disposable diapers.

Even within these two large branches, however, diaper brands have a suite of products available.

Choosing Organic

Whether you end up choosing to go with disposable diapers or cloth diapers, the least harmful diaper in either of these categories will be an all-natural, organic diaper. Choosing organic, natural diapers is important for your child, your fellow person, and the earth as a whole. This is a trend that can be seen across many industries in the current economy and also points at an important aspect of the modern consumer base.

Each and every year consumers are putting a higher and higher emphasis on sustainable operations within the companies and organizations that they patronize. This is due, in part, to the era of information, and the digital mindset. However, the same trend applies in the world of diapers. People want to support brands and companies that are actively pursuing avenues of waste-reduction, sustainable operations, and heightened recyclability.

This makes organic and all-natural diapers the premium selection for any consumer, whether they prefer cloth or disposable diapers.

No Harmful Chemicals

The push for organic products, sustainable operations, and a more environmentally conscious business world isn’t only in favor of the environment. Consumers are pushing for more organic and natural options in almost every consumable industry that exists. This indicates that informed consumers are also prioritizing healthier, less processed, and more organic options. This is due to the proven health-benefits that stem from eating cleaner and a reluctance to put unnatural, over-processed ingredients in our bodies.

The same logic pertains to choosing the right diaper for your little one. No matter if you’re choosing a cloth diaper, or a disposable one, opting for an organic diaper is the cleanest, greenest, and healthiest for your baby.

Due to the lack of harsh chemicals, organic and natural diapers also have a lower rate of diaper rash and a lower rate of aggravating other conditions like eczema.

Fragrance Free

This is another common aspect of natural diapers. Non-natural diapers will typically have some sort of odor-deterrent. However, this is usually a chemical compound, and can sometimes be harsh or irritating. This is why many natural diapers will be fragrance free.

This can be a down-side when it comes to the nature of diaper-duty, but is met with yet another natural solution. In some instances, natural-diaper manufacturers will use essential oils to offer some scent-protection.

The Environment

All-in-all organic or natural diapers are the best option for the environment and mother earth, whether you choose cloth or disposable. However, there are some common misconceptions when it comes to the use of natural cloth diapers.

Firstly, it is often presumed that a natural cloth-diaper is automatically more eco-friendly than any disposable diaper, natural or otherwise. This isn’t exactly the case though. Independent studies have found that this very largely depends on the use and laundering of the cloth-diapers. Where most households wash cloth diapers in hot water and then tumble dry, the added environmental impact is significant compared to that of a biodegradable, natural, disposable diaper.

This is an important note to consider when making diaper decisions as it could certainly dissuade someone from purchasing cloth diapers. This is compounded when the technology behind new natural diapers is taken into account. With current trends and advances in natural disposable diapers, landfills could be free of diapers in the very near future.

Wrapping Up on Natural Diapers

Every parent wants to be the best parent they can be. This means breaking down every detail and thinking through every choice. Even when it comes to the brand of diapers to buy. Understanding that even this small choice creates a ripple effect that has impact far beyond the walls of your little one’s crib is an important part of being a parent. Natural diapers are a great way to love the earth, while loving your child.

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