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The Importance of Proper Childhood Education on Long-Term Parental Success

By Mikkie Mills

Raising a child in the modern age is a bigger responsibility than ever. Preparing them for an independent and successful life that is free of health problems, drug abuse, legal problems, and relationship incontinence can seem like an impossible task. The world has created a web of landmines for them to fail if they don’t be careful who they associate themselves with and what lifestyle choices they make.

Culture of Corruption

A lot of minors are being corrupted by the availability of digital media that is intended for an adult audience. At other times, they are being exposed to characters created to appeal to young children that have predatory and evil motives. This couldn’t be any clearer than the spread of recent Momo applications that use cartoon characters and games to manipulate children into committing suicide.

And before the internet applications, information had spread over the internet to teach young children about other suicide games like the choking game. Many adolescents and young children have died from intentionally cutting off the blood supply to their brains in an attempt to achieve a brief euphoric buzz. Nefarious internet modalities that dress up dangerous conduct as entertainment are having a profound effect on our children.

The availability of pornography and graphic violent media has also opened up the door for more aggressive sexual experimentation and violence at younger and younger ages. And children can learn these behaviors from their friends at school who have inattentive parents, no matter how closely you may monitor them.

Education Starts Early

For some, attending a fully accredited private Christian school may be part of the ultimate solution. Considering that children develop a lot of their learning behaviors before Kindergarten and tend to obtain better scholastic results when they enter schools early, a Christian school that offers pre-Kindergarten classes all the way through 12th grade is preferable. Many experts agree that classes like Head Start and other formal mechanisms that teach discipline and instruction, but allow for communal socialization, are extremely beneficial to maximizing the scholastic achievements of your child.

It is no surprise when you consider that it is easier for a child to learn a foreign language at age 5 and develop many other talents. This is because children retain their highest level of brain cells at this age and will only shed brain cells as they grow older. Sparking any interest in creativity, music, sports, or academic curriculum during the years before the 5-year peak can generate a long-term beneficial effect that continues to grow that initial interest.

School Sports Are Important

Children who play school sports fair far better in life than those who don’t. Joining a sport provides children with the ability to cooperate with others in a work setting because they become team players. They also start to focus on their health and will be able to obtain a healthy weight, higher self-esteem, and increased coordination skills.

Considering that obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the USA, it is easy to see why having an athletic child is so desirable. Most of the depression, mood disorders, social and occupation dysfunction, and more are deeply rooted in poor self-image and a lack of athletic ambitions.

In fact, athletes are far less likely to smoke because they have a desire to improve their stamina and physical health. They would not want to sacrifice that by doing anything to harm their bodies. Although you will always have an aggressive crowd of pushers who use drugs and smoke, they often engage in these habits less frequently than people who don’t participate in school athletics because they don’t want to lose ground on the fitness front. And if the school sports are part of a Christian school curriculum, the parents of these children are more likely to exhibit a greater sense of parenting responsibility. This would reduce the chances of derelict children corrupting your own.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.
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