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The Ideal Mattress for Pregnant Women

There is a large variety of mattresses for pregnant women. There are many benefits to choosing the correct mattress for your body during this time of pregnancy. The more comfortable you are, the more restful sleep you will get.

Mattress for Pregnant Women

Maximum support

The ideal mattress for pregnant women provides maximum support to relieve pregnancy-related discomfort and pressure while providing good spinal alignment for your spine. A foam layer in the middle helps to absorb body heat and reduce sweating, both of which can cause uncomfortable feelings. Since heat tends to rise, these foam layers also provide stability to the weight of pregnant women. Latex foam is the most commonly used type of material in an ideal mattress for this purpose because it has thermal properties that keep the body cool. A good latex mattress is also designed with a contour back or "box" construction to conform to the natural curves of the pregnant body.

Foam mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages. Foam layers may be prone to punctures and tears. A foam core is less comfortable to sleep on when some rapid movements or motions put a lot of stress on the joints, such as bending over. These types of motion disturbances increase the risk of lower back pain and other problems during pregnancy. Some of the best hybrid mattresses combine both properties to provide excellent comfort and increased support.

Mattress for Pregnant Women

Innerspring mattresses provide the best overall combination of comfort levels for most people. They provide sufficient support and relief of tension throughout the pregnancy. Some people may not feel comfortable with this type of mattress because of its bounce, and some may feel too soft to provide the support they need. An innerspring mattress is typically more expensive than other types of foam mattresses, but you will get a more comfortable, softer sleep for your baby.

A hybrid mattress generally has a combination of the best properties of both innerspring and memory foam. It provides good support and the latex comfort layer eliminates some of the higher incidences of motion disturbances. The majority of innerspring mattresses provide good support, but some women feel the pressure of their weight is too much to handle regularly. A good hybrid will provide the right amount of support without increasing the overall pressure of the body.

The most important thing to consider when choosing an ideal mattress for pregnancy is how well it supports your body's weight and provides adequate body support. Ask yourself whether or not you get enough sleep during the night and how much do you move during the day. If you do not get enough sleep and/or do not get enough movement during the day, you will find that your blood pressure may fluctuate and lower back and neck pain may occur.

Polyurethane foam: Some mattresses use a special type of polyurethane foam that promotes better blood circulation. You may want to choose a mattress with temperature-sensitive foam. These mattresses are hypoallergenic and do not produce any dust mites. These are typically made of quilted polyurethane foam. Ask your salesperson which types of polyurethane foam are available and which ones are recommended for sleeping.

Warmth, support, and comfort

The ideal mattress for pregnant women provides warmth, support, and comfort. Many pregnant women struggle to get comfortable in the traditional spring mattresses and turn to foam or memory foam mattresses in an attempt to combat this problem. Unfortunately, these types of mattresses often do not do a good job at providing relief and in fact, can make the condition worse. This is because many foam and memory mattresses are not built well enough to provide balance to the body and can therefore be too firm or too soft for pregnant women. As a result, it is best to opt for a more gel-based mattress rather than one with springs.

Relief from neck, back, and shoulder pain

Mattress for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are particularly prone to suffering from neck, back, and shoulder pain. To combat this problem, it may be worth investing in a foam mattress as these will provide extra support and relief to the neck and shoulders. Unfortunately, memory and innerspring mattresses do not offer this type of support. Therefore it may be best to opt for one of these two options. However, there are additional mattresses on the market that can offer similar comfort levels to those provided by foam or memory mattresses.

In general, it is not only during pregnancy that it is important to find an ideal mattress. During pregnancy, it is particularly important to ensure that the mattress provides sufficient pressure relief so that the body can maintain its weight and position throughout the pregnancy. Without pressure relief, it can be difficult to stay comfortable as the pressure of the baby can cause issues such as backaches and even damage to the spine. It is possible to buy foam inserts that can be used as a layer within the mattress, offering increased pressure relief and also preventing the layers of foam from sliding together. These products are available from most bedding stores and can also be bought online.

Firm mattress

It is also important to choose a firm mattress as opposed to a softer mattress. Some innerspring mattresses are made with special foam, which means they are more firm than regular mattresses, but provide excellent support. However, many people prefer a softer feel to their innerspring mattresses as they do not get as much use and therefore are usually lighter weight. In general, a hybrid between the two can provide an ideal mattress for pregnant women as the innerspring layers are generally a lot firmer and provide greater support than the foam layers of the hybrid mattresses.

Typically, the most expensive mattress will be the most supportive, but this is not always the case. The mattress dealers might convince you to get the most expensive one but do check all the features before purchasing. To have the most comfortable, it is necessary to choose between a medium and firmness level. A medium firmness level generally offers the most support and is the optimal level for pregnant women. This also provides the most support without being too firm. It is therefore important to select a hybrid mattress between the two to find the right level of comfort and support.

Polyurethane foam mattresses are preferred because of their ability to provide maximum comfort and support without being too firm. They are available in both innerspring and memory foam and are often available in different thicknesses to accommodate all types of sleep and body shapes. Many people choose to invest in several different mattress sizes so that they have a comfortable mattress to sleep on no matter where they are in their pregnancy. Therefore, one size does not fit all when considering a mattress for pregnant women.

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