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There are Many Ways to Bond With Your Newborn

The birth of a child is a happy occasion for new parents and family members. While some new parents form an instant bond with a newborn, others may struggle to find a connection with this precious new life. A lot of responsibility comes with a baby. Some parents feel scared and overwhelmed. The key to a lifetime of building memories together begins by forming a lasting bond with the infant who has made their arrival into the world.

Bonding with a new bundle of love happens in many ways. A connection through touch and holding a baby helps cement the relationship between the infant and the parents. Babies require love and care to grow and mature. Simple things, such as a kind voice, a smile, or cuddling, help a baby to feel secure. Soft clothing and blankets made from organic materials and natural fibers, like those made by Monica + Andy, ensure that a baby's sensitive skin stays clear and free from irritants. When a baby is comfortable and feels safe, bonding is easier for parents and their new bundle of love. 

Responding to an Infant's Needs Through Affection 

Babies cry without warning. Sometimes it's difficult to determine why they are unhappy. Regular cuddling and touch provide a feeling of security and help form an unbreakable bond between a parent and child. Responding to an infant's cry helps them feel safe. After checking for a wet or dirty diaper, seeing if the baby is hungry, and ensuring that the infant is comfortable, a simple cuddle provides reassurance that you are there.

A Kind Voice and Songs Can Soothe the Soul

Infants respond to voices and sounds when done with a reassuring soothing tone. Music works to calm a crying baby, but it also reduces stress in an overwhelmed parent. Whenever possible, look into the infant's eyes when singing to them. Music reinforces the connection between both of you and brings about calmness. Playing music from other sources has the same effect, but singing to an infant while cuddling them brings instant gratification and strengthens the parent/child bond.

It's Never Too Early to Read to a Child

Reading is a great way to form a connection with an infant. Children respond positively to the voices they recognize. Reading to a child shapes social and emotional development and provides the basis for language skills. As a child grows, reading is fundamental for all areas of life. A child who learns from imitating a parent by copying sounds, pronunciation, and word/picture recognition will fare better in school as they grow.

Bonding During Infancy Has Lifelong Benefits

Children who connect with parents during infancy build a relationship that fosters security and self-esteem. The feeling of belonging carries through all stages of life. The bond between a parent and child is the foundation for success and happiness. Each moment of cuddling, singing, playing, and reading together adds to the support network that a child needs as they grow. 

Connecting the Dots Forms a Connection That Lasts Forever

Bonding with a new child isn't automatic for every parent. Sometimes it takes added effort from an adult to form a connection. There isn't a set time frame for this to happen, so take as much time as necessary to develop a bond with this precious little being. An investment in getting to know this tiny individual will have lifelong benefits for both of you. It's like a connect-the-dot puzzle. Once all the pieces are in place, the framework is complete.

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