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5 Things Will Make Your Child Smarter

Parents are teachers

Parenting is one of the most amazing experiences people go through, despite the fact it is not trouble-free, depending on how you want your child to be, and requires lots of time and responsibilities.

From the moment your child born his learning process begins, early childhood experiences are critical to the emotional and intellectual development of a child. During these early years, 75% of brain growth is completed. How the brain matures further depends on the environment around him. Actually those facts encouraged me to do some searches about how to raise a healthier and smarter child during this crucial period of development.

According to experts of thanksforthehelp, paying attention to your child's daily routine will certainly make a difference, so I've placed here some main points you should be aware of, to help in improving your child's development...

1. Food

Food is the most important matter in your child's growth, studies always stressing on good diet, because it is vital in a child's early life as the brain grows at its fastest rate during his first three years.

Good nutrition during those three years may encourage optimal brain growth. It has been proven by many studies that when children's diets contain many of high fats, sugars and processed foods are not only bad for their health but also have a lower IQ, other than those which their diets contain more pasta, salads and fruit. So by providing a proper healthy meal to your child will actually help in increasing his IQ.

2. Sleep

It is very essential to make sure that your child have a good night sleep because while at night may be the best time for his brain to consolidate all memories from the day.

On the other hand lack of sleep may actually hurt the ability to create new memories. Besides a good night's sleep, you can improve his memory by creating associations, because memory formed by associations will help him remembering things, also when a child memorizes more information, studies suggests that this part of their brain continues to grow better.

3. Nurture and interact with your child

Pampering your child is important for your baby's brain to develop. If you constantly provide tender and care your baby, it reassures him and creates a positive environment for his brain to continue to learn new things.

Later on as your child grows older, he will be more responsive to his environment. He will want to play with objects and interact with people. If you hold a toy in front of him, he will reach out and try to grab it. Over time, he will learn to know which objects are more important to him.

Provide opportunities for your child to interact with other children of his age. Or taking him to new and places like the zoo, gardens, museums… Research has shown that a child's intelligence is related by the amount of interaction he has with his parents.

4. Stimulation

Stimulating a child's brain starts from the moment a child is born, because manly of a child's development are at his first year, providing your child with the required stimulus will surely help in that matter.

For example, you can stimulate his visual senses by hanging mobiles above his crib. Due to his 30cm visual range, this will not help him to focus but will enable him to watch movement, which will increase his ability to observe some movements.

Also, talking and reading as much as you can to your child will help in his language skills progress, he will not reply in the early stages but you will be triggering his brain to relate words with meanings.

Student help websites like topassignmentexperts suggest simulations are the main factor in child skills improvements, so be creative and come up with new ideas to enlarge your child's development.

5. Hobbies and activities

Children's hobbies aren't all about doing something they like, they also benefit children in several ways; children are in a self-discovery journey, and hobbies help them to express themselves more and understand the meaning of personal accomplishment. Aaccordingly it helps in building better self-esteem.

As well as engaging your child in activities like sports or music lessons have shown that it can assist in increasing brain organization skills.

Parents play a major role in their children's life. While what you give may not automatically makes your child a genius, it will definitely help in improving his health and skills, and make it easier for him to learn new things.

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